Methadone: 'Too many use it as part of their drugs routine'

By 0utrider · Mar 18, 2008 · ·
  1. 0utrider

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  1. 0utrider
    AW: Methadone: 'Too many use it as part of their drugs routine'

    in SWIMs opinion quite sad conlusions have been made here but also quite bad examples stated, blame on the guilty!
  2. Orchid_Suspiria
    Someone hooked on methadone is anything but happy.Now getting a daily dose of methadone may keep away withdrawals and make one feel good for a short time but being hooked on any opiate gives one a sense of guilt,regret,and sorrow unlike anything else in the world.There probably isn't an opiate addict alive that doesn't get these feelings atleast once in awhile.
  3. Senor Gribson
    Unfortunately, methadone as part of a habit-breaking rehab program seems to be very counter-productive. Methadone addiction is supposed to be much harder to overcome than heroin.
  4. stoneinfocus
    That´s why heroin is superior.
    It´s the same with any class of mediaction: the longer-acting, the harder to recover, the more problems with sides and complications... it´s the same with steroids, with opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, benzos, anaesthetics. It´s simple logic.

    the biggest flaw in this concept is, that the addicts are actually forced to wean off, as this for sure doesn´t work within the model construction of a "desease" (wean-off your cancer!) or within the free human mind.
  5. Pondlife
    But drugs with longer half-lives are used successfully to taper people off of other substances. Benzo addiction is one example, where the taper program typically moves people onto valium because of its long half-life.

    Agreed that Methadone addiction is horrible, and the success rates are low, but I'm not sure that it's just the long half-life that's to blame.

    In the UK at least, I think that it's generally understood that most people on Methadone treatment will stay on it for a long time. Many will never get clean. My understanding is that addicts are encouraged to taper down, but I don't think they are generally forced to.

    I think the disease comparison is flawed. The disease (if that's what it is) is the addiction, or perhaps the personality not the drug itself.
  6. rocksmokinmachine
    I've seen the UK drug policy and the prescribing of methadone. Addicts getting 100m l(1mg/ml) of methadone and using 1g+ of heroin each day. The statement is true, too many users use methadone as thier daily routine, exactly the same as buying street heroin, preparing it and injecting it. Alot see it is a way of "topping up", putting them at high risk of overdose.

    Here is a copy of a study in Glasgow of the effectiveness of the methadone programme is 1996 I believe, thinks have been worse since then.
  7. stoneinfocus
    Yes, but you don´t take into account, that addiction is the problem, not addiction exactly, but withdrawl.

    Long-acting Benzos are used in normal practice to taper-off after a brief period of intake, but it´s not the praxis of a benzo-addict, as he would increase dosing and frequency and with longer-acting drugs, like methadone, in an opiate-dependence analogy, methadone has a long halflife and not the rush to it, the addict is seeking, so it´s the base of keeping away withdrawl and heroin is added for the rush, by the addict, I could imagine, so methadone doesn´t address the psychological and all other parts of dependency, just some receptors.

    They are not >forced< per se to wean-off, but -and this is of importance and influences the medical practitioners to a big degree- the law, the narcotics act, the BtmG or however it´s called in your country, doesn´t allow the prescription to "entertain" a drug-addiction or the habit, but it must lead to a drug-free life under any circumstances.

    This is very important, because in the one case, the doctor, prescribing opiates is, by the law, a criminal, a drug dealer, the latter case makes him a therapist.

    Heroin is superior in tapering and in all other aspects to methadone, and if addiction would be looked at as a health-condition, that is conserved by giving the drug of choice until the problem resolves -or doesn´t resolve(time shouldn´t matter!), than everything was okay, and the cancer-anaolgy would hold true, because cancer is seen as condition, that is treated by the best of means until regression, or as good as possible to, at least, conserve the best possible condition for the patient and the patient is not forced to die or to suffer or to stop therapy, because it´s not a condition, that can be seen as a lack of discipline or a flaw to society, which grounds on personal deficits -or worse- a criminal background.

    This is in my opinion a huge and unworthy way to handle one man´s life, hypocritical in every aspect and a sadistic way of coping with the problems of these individuals, not giving them or for no reason not giving them/interruting the help, they could get.
  8. Orchid_Suspiria
    Swim is abit biased because methadone is the drug that made him an opiate addict.Swim could look at the fact he used heroin before ever trying methadone and thats what gave him a love for opiates or look even further back and blame percodan but methadone is what got him completely and totally "hooked".
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