Methamphetamine addiction - an outsider looking in

By Delia · Apr 9, 2016 ·
  1. Delia
    Living with someone addicted to methamphetamines is entirely exhausting and demanding.

    The drug is something l have zero respect for, for the individuals that use it l reserve my judgement because l don't want to generalize but with the individual l live with it is a living fucking nightmare.

    He is moody, belligerent, narcissistic and self indulgent twat that make focus is to try and hide it from me and apparently discover all the moods that are avalible for the human form in one day.

    I attempt to have as little interaction with him as possible which seems to bring any issues to a minimum but even then l find it revolting to be in the same room as him, nausea creeps up on me and a smirk covers my face. Why lie about drugs and drug use?

    Humans take drugs.
    Animals take drugs.
    People do it for a variety of reasons but why be so secretive about it, transparency seems to not be in the intrest of a lot of drug users and l don't understand why you can't just put it on the table (figuratively speaking) and have open dialogue.

    Maybe my problem relates to the overall lying and dishonesty and less to do with drugs. I do drugs, not very often but l do and am unashamedly honest about it but equally l don't have an addiction to a substance which might leave my view of drugs rather different to someone who needs a substance to function or believes they need a substance to function.

    Living with a meth addict might seem peaches and cream, clean house/bathroom, or another associated perks but honestly it's a polar opposite because they are victims to their own circumstance - they run themselves into the ground physically, psychosis, physically look exhausted and strangely the depth perception is noticeable especially on trivial things such as putting a glass on the table or reaching for a door handle.

    I guess this is more a rant, we are only room mates and althought l most likely antagonize myself by repeatedly visiting the meth forums l find it soothing because inevitably l am not in a place to control my living situations but DF offers an outlet for me to get and give healthy doses of reality plus as an incredibly helpful learning tool.

    I guess overall l fail to see a single positive that meth use brings to someone's life, l know that there are many divided opinions on the subject but as an outsider looking in l cannot bring one positive that can come from using meth and l will go so far as to even say on a recreational level.

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