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Methamphetamine Problem Remains after Trooper Killed

  1. sassyspy
    Meth problem lurks in Port Orchard after trooper's killing
    6 arrested for allegedly aiding Joshua Blake were reported meth users

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    The woman riding in Joshua Blake’s truck when he shot Washington State Patrol trooper Tony Radulescu said they were high on meth. The drug makes people do things they would not normally do, and has become a real problem in parts of Kitsap County.

    A friend of one of six men and woman who have been arrested for providing Blake with criminal assistance after the killing, said the drug was what brought all of them together.

    "Unfortunately we`re lost a good trooper over a drug,” said Jessica Niemi. She added that they were just "a bunch of meth-heads.”

    Steven Banks, the latest suspect, lived in the trailer where Joshua Blake later took his own life. Police say Banks made more than 30 calls and texts to try and help Blake get out of the Port Orchard area before a SWAT team closed in.

    The trailer is well-known to neighbors. It’s one of many meth houses they say run along a dirt road known commonly as meth alley.

    “A lot of neighbors are familiar that there is houses down there,” said one neighbor, Theresa Mayers. “It`s kind of a concern all the way around because we know there`s drug activity in the area, but you can`t always pinpoint exactly where it`s happening.”

    Police say the meth problem has actually gotten worse in Port Orchard since the state made it illegal to buy large quantities of pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient in making meth. Now the drug is being imported on a major scale from Mexico.

    The side-effects of meth, which include psychosis and a propensity for violence, can make users dangerous for citizens as well as law enforcement to be around.

    “An individual could be on meth when you show up at the house or make a traffic stop, and you don`t even know it until you`re in the middle of something, and somebody decides to be violent with you,” said Sgt. Dale Schuster of the Port Orchard Police Department.

    “Everyone wants to be bad," said Corbin Olerud, who has battled meth addiction for over a decade. “I know I jut wanted to be bad and evil when I was on it.” Olerud said that the drug’s effects are powerful – and hard for users to forget. “Once you taste it and experience that power rush, it’s just not easy to forget you know.”

    John Hopperstad
    Q13 FOX News reporter
    5:48 p.m. PST, February 28, 2012


    (related story http://www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-wsp...ttraffickitsapcounty-20120223,0,4226706.story)


  1. makin
    we lost a good trooper because some murderer shot him

    If meth causes people to shoot state troopers then how do we explain the 1,399,999 of them that didn't shoot a state trooper.

    I would argue that as far as drugs that make people violent, alcohol is the winner hands down.
  2. sassyspy
    I totally agree. Its all part of the hype we're all familiar with. If it HAD been someone who had too much beer who shot the trooper, what would the news headline be?
    lol. I think we know.

    Not minimizing the trooper's death at all, by all accounts, he was a really nice guy, and sure didn't deserve that asshole shooting him at point blank range.
    Oh btw, it was the ex-girlfriend who made that comment, I think. I had a hard time following, it was rather poorly written. I tried to fix what I could, but couldn't mess with quotes.

  3. sassyspy
    They buried that Washington State Patrolman today.
    It must be one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

    View attachment 24986

    I don't blame methamphetamine. I don't blame drugs.
    But I do blame a society that is too quick to use violence to settle disputes and differences.
    I blame a society where the nuclear family has become something seen in history books.

    And I blame a government whose drug policies and laws remain ineffective and financially exorbitant.

    Shame on you, U.S. Government.
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