Methoxetamine and me

By misskatie · Jan 27, 2012 · ·
  1. misskatie
    *all references to 'me', 'I', 'my', or 'myself' here are actually refering to a friend of a friend and not me personally. They are included that way here merely for convenience of writing.

    Hey there everyone, I just wanted to write a little about a substance that I have become very fond of, Methoxetamine. It is without a doubt my favorite substance and it just keeps on showing me new aspects of its personality every time I use it. And what a personality it is!

    My first experience with MXE, I was alone and gradually built my dose into a full blown dimension jumping mindfuck of a trip. I mean that in a good way.

    The first of those progressive doses brought me to tears with its beautiful onset. Overwhelming happiness. Music seemed to enter my very soul and something buried deep within myself was telling me that the world was a beautiful place. Movement seemed to be floaty, and in slow motion. I space walked around familiar settings yet felt everything was new in some way. Everything was fascinating.

    The experience built with doses until i could no longer remain in reality. I was freed from it. Although at the time i had no idea what was going on. I travelled through and created beautiful and terrifying new universes. I felt the power of creation and the fear of responsibility.. I had no idea who or what I was but in this place it didnt seem to matter. Simply being was enough.

    Afterwards I was reborn. Slowly, I realised that my old life was still real. Still valid. It was a profound revelation. I was filled with appreciation of being alive. I felt rejuvinated as if I had been on some great adventure. It felt as if something in me changed that night in a way no drug has done to me before.

    Since that first intense methoxetamine experience I have been back there many times. The themes change but the feeling of exploration and wonder are always present. Sometimes I am flying formless through the clouds of jupiter, welcomed by the energy beings that live there. We fly together through rich red clouds. Other times i am free in deep space travelling at amazing speeds through the stars. Sometimes these experiences can be scary at the time but when I regain my identity at the conclusion it always feels like a positive experience. It always expands me in some way.

    Lately, I have found that methoxetamine in small doses produces a deep inner peace that can be prolonged throughout the day. I feel content and very reflective. I float around in a state of harmony and want only good for everyone. Gone is my usual anxiety. I feel perfectly comfortable within myself and with my place in the world.
    These low but regular doses also allow me to be incredibly social and open with other people. Getting into deep and rewarding conversations. Making special connections where they otherwise would have gone unnoticed...

    I have found that spacey, ambient post-rock is best suited for experiences on methoxetamine. Explosions in the sky, or Sigur Ros are both excellent bands to listen to while either dimension jumping or simply enjoying mild effects. But my favorite has to be Mogwai, who I would describe as like listening to the planets move. Seriously good.

    Well that's all I've got for now. I'm sure its clear to you that methoxetamine has stolen my heart. But I really do enjoy it that much. I will keep you guts updated on my experiences with it and other drugs that make my life enjoyable. But for now, that's all I got :p

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  1. Baba Blacksheep
    Thank you and a wee contribution from another not so far away researcher.
    What a rather pleasant and enlightening experience; getting in touch with mankind and earthy nature could be a discription.
    It is interesting to come across this one but this researcher considered it powerful so really just a little was needed; toe in the water if you like!
    This researcher might set the scene should she want a little more.
    Physical side effects being numbing of the lips and nasal lining which would be associated with the anaesthetic aspect, this researcher would think?
    Spacial awareness was questionable so no delicate or responsible tasks whilst experimenting,
  2. no eff eks
    You do a great job of putting to words how dissociative drugs can help free a previously troubled mind.

    I've never tried MXE, but this makes it sound more appealing than stuff like ketamine or dxm/dxo. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. Hardstepa
    MXE has helped me a lot recently as well.I also find that using small amounts of it can give an amazing calm,relaxed but not too gouchy type of feeling.I use higher doses as well maybe once a week and take small doses,about 10-15mg orally maybe twice a week.I have found it gives me a bit of a motivation boost.I have managed to get stuff done which i just kept putting off all the time even though it was necessary to get done.I have had a bit of depression previously to this and was turning into a bit of a recluse who never actually did much.Now im finding it a lot easier to enjoy my life.I dont have to be on it to function properly and as im a recovering heroin addict im careful about using too much.I really think this drug has some great potential lets just hope it doesnt get jumped on by the press and turned into a demon drug.Great work Katie,very well written..
  4. Synesthesiac
    Are you always using it alone? Or do you sometimes share your affection for this chems effects with someone?
  5. Sade
    I'm wondering that too. My dog Rogue has had me research RC's for her and she's decided on this one. She plans small doses mainly for the antidepressant effects and of course for fun! Should she be using it alone?
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