Methylone... kind of designer drug version of a Tupperware party

By enquirewithin · Apr 7, 2006 · Updated Sep 12, 2010 · ·
  1. enquirewithin
    Party pill sparks official concern shim.gif shim.gif shim.gif partypills_generic_232.jpg
    Apr 7, 2006
    Health officials have issued a warning about a so-called clinical drug trial being run by one of the big players in the party pill scene.
    Ease is being sold on the internet - under the guise of a clinical trial - as a safe legal alternative for people using ecstasy.
    But tests show the main ingredient is basically the same as in ecstasy, making it illegal to manufacture or sell.
    "Because it's an analogue, which means it's similar too, it's covered by the act and there are quite severe penalties for this," says Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton.
    The man selling Ease, Matt Bowden, says he stopped the trial once he realised health officials had a problem.
    He says he has done nothing wrong and has acted in good faith. Bowden claims he got permission from the Ministry of Health to import the methylone.
    But experts aren't just taking issue with the drug itself, they say Bowden should not be using the term "clinical trial" which implies it has been approved by medical experts as well as supervised and analysed by them.
    Medical bioethics professor Grant Gillett says calling it a clinical trial is very misleading.
    "The most uncharitable thought one might have is it's a kind of designer drug version of a Tupperware party," he says.
    Bowden says he only ever sold to people on the trial and if he wanted to make money he would have sold it to everyone.
    Jim Anderton is not convinced.
    "We cannot countenance this kind of activity going on... I think it shows how quickly you can get into very difficult areas when you're playing around with so-called social or party drugs," says Anderton.
    The pills are now with the drug squad while police investigate the matter.

    Experts Advise on 'EASE'

    Friday, 7 April 2006, 4:59 pm
    Press Release: New Zealand Government Experts Advise on 'EASE'Jim Anderton, Associate Minister of Health and Chair of the Ministerial Committee on Drug Policy revealed today that he has received advice from the Chair of Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, that the substance methylone is an analogue of a Class B controlled drug and therefore is captured by the analogue provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act, which makes it an illegal substance.
    “Methylone is a substance that occurs in a product called 'Ease' which came to my attention late last year as a product that is being promoted as part of a so- called “clinical trial” by a company called Stargate International,” Jim Anderton said.

    The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) has tested a number of products found to contain methylone, and is of the view that this substance is an analogue of a Class B controlled drug called cathinone, and is therefore subject to the analogue provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act.
    This ESR evidence was presented to the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD) at its meeting last Thursday.
    “It appears that 'Ease' is not the only product out there containing methylone, and I have asked for more information on these other products.
    “The formal written report from the EACD is still to come, and although there has been considerable uncertainty around the legal status of this substance prior to these recent tests, Dr Ashley Bloomfield has told me today that the EACD agreed with the ESR conclusion that methylone is a controlled drug analogue.
    "On this basis, the so-called “clinical trial” being conducted via the Stargate website might well be a breach of the Misuse of Drugs Act, and accordingly the Police have been informed,” Jim Anderton said.


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  1. Abrad
    So methylone was his new secret ingredient. Better than those BZP pills I would think.
  2. cupdetat
    Imagine how parents must feel that their kids can go online and purchase legal ECSTASY!!!!!!! God bless suburbia.
  3. Richard_smoker
    OK, so this means that you can no longer find these things anymore?? Please, no sources or prices, just someone either clarify the articles or give me a yea or nay.

    From the sounds of it, he was a lone-man operation, and that's how he is trying to get away with his 'clinical trial' excuse, right? or did he supply smart shops and other distribution houses?

  4. radiometer
    Rats! How come we didn't know about this when it was still happening?! :)
  5. Richard_smoker
    Just in case some members don't recall a previous discussion of "Ease" and the so-called clinical trial, here's our wonderful, speculatrive dicussion. I highly recommend reading this if you don't know what I'm talking about.

    Funny how close and right on-target some of the guesses were regarding the secret ingredient!
  6. Abrad
    It was not on the market, just having trials.You had to apply through their site. Didn't someone from here apply?
  7. Mona Lisa
    From what I understand, you had to be able to prove you lived in Austrailia or New Zealand (or whereever it was). You had to be over 21 as well. So I thought Stargate were in one sense being fairly sensible about how they went about selling it; but in another sense, they were giving publicity to methylone which will now almost inevitabley be banned not just down under but in Europe and the States too. Sometimes I think it's better to keep all this as underground as possible since the Establishment are almost always in favour of banning things.
  8. enquirewithin

    The situation is getting worse for Stargate it would seem. Now it is being looked on as an analogue of either MDMA or cathinone.

    The trouble is that, as with "Explosion," which was great at the time, selling materials like methylone aimed at human consumption means sceduling sooner rather than later. Now methylone will be scheduled in NZ, most likely, meaning that other places may follow suit, as Mona Lisa says.
  9. Alfa
    Piperazines have been officially approved by the New Zealand government. This is what they mean with party pills. It is remarkable that this has happened, because piperazines are not exactly free of side effects.

    New Zealeand is a country of only 4 million people. The government has been quite wise in a new approach to drugs. A few years ago they announced they want to reschedule every drug in the suited category according to the health risk involved. I do not know what came of this idea

    Almost all political successes are made trough good contacts and friends. The same goes for how piperazines where added to schedule 4. A study was done on BZP and with them they where added to schedule 4. The study is quite an interesting read:
    The study also shows the retarded way the DEA considers 'evidence' for scheduling drugs.
    The New Zealand government added a schedule to the existing 3. Schedule 4 allows sales of BZP, but with sales conditional terms: minimum age, packadging, no export etc. The law can be found here:

    This made the party pills industry(or at least part of it) quite overconfident and has lead to extremes. Some distributors started to spam the world with their products. This survey on Methylone may be an effect of this overconfidence.
    On the other hand, Methylone does have the potential of getting approved by the New Zealand government as it is clearly lacking the side effects piperazines have. Studies already available show it has one-third the effect one serotonin & dopamine. This is a indication that Methylone may lack neurotoxicity that MDMA has. Hopefully more research will be done in this regard to clear this up.

    Here you will find an overview of the events around piperazines:
  10. xpr´k
    you read my mind, i missed out on the methylone sales in holland when it wasnt banned there and ive always wanted to try the substance, late yet again :<
  11. dr ACE
    freedom!to SWIM!!

    1 day SWIMS might be free to taste whatever the hell they personaly choose too, but im sure theres going to be a whole major legal shitstorm of epic proportions before that happens if it happens.
  12. melt_000
    yes because of the side-effects, use is self-limiting. they would rather legalize a drug with harmful physical side effects than one with strong hallucinatory effects.
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