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  1. c.christina
    OKLAHOMA CITY - For law enforcement in Oklahoma, getting meth off the streets is a constant battle. Early Tuesday morning, officials with the State Bureau of Narcotics got one step closer after they shut down a Mexican cartel that was taking over the state's drug trade. "We infiltrated this group, found out who all the players were and we went in with 18 arrest warrants and 13 search warrants," said Mark Woodward with OBN.

    According to Woodward, the Sinaloa cartel was bringing in almost $1 million worth of meth each month and they were using Oklahoma highways to transport the drugs to various cities, including Norman, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Elk City, Mustang and Midwest City.

    Investigators also say the cartel was using a small Oklahoma City car lot to launder the dirty money and would wire the clean money back to Mexico to buy property.

    While interrogating the suspects, detectives also learned why this powerful cartel left Arizona and came to Oklahoma.

    "The reason why they were brought to Oklahoma was to get out of Arizona because of their new immigration laws," said Woodward. "We want to send a message that you're not welcome here either."


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