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Mexican drug cartel suspect 'Juan Carlos Hernández Pulido' captured

By source, Aug 15, 2012 | |
  1. source
    View attachment 27647 Mexican marines have captured a drug cartel suspect carrying the ID cards of a newspaper employee who was killed in May along with three photographers. Juan Carlos Hernández Pulido, allegedly a local chief of informers for the Jalisco Nueva Generación drug gang, was detained on Friday in the Gulf coast port city of Veracruz as he handed out packets of drugs to a group of men, the navy claimed.

    It said Hernández Pulido was carrying the ID cards of Irasema Becerra, an administrative worker at a local newspaper and the girlfriend of one of the dead photographers. Five other journalists have been killed in Veracruz state this year.

    At the time, the killings had been thought to bear the hallmarks of the Zetas cartel; the victims were killed, dismembered and their bodies stuffed into black plastic bags dumped into a waste canal.
    However, Hernández Pulido is allegedly linked to a gang allied with the Sinaloa cartel, which is fighting the Zetas for control of Veracruz and other states.

    Elsewhere in Veracruz, the state prosecutors' office said seven members of a family, three adults and four children, were found dead at their home with their throats slit. The children were reportedly aged between three and 12 years old.

    The bodies were found Friday in the rural hamlet of Manlio Fabio Altamirano, on the Gulf coast, by neighbours who smelled strange odours coming from the house. The family had been dead for about three days, prosecutors said.

    Federal police announced on Monday they have sent 600 additional officers and 20 bulletproof patrol vehicles to the western state of Michoacán, where suspected drug cartel gunmen have attacked police and hijacked and burned trucks to block highways in recent days. Police said the units would be used in anti-drug operations, to set up checkpoints and prevent road blockades.

    On Friday, five gunmen were killed when they opened fire on police from the hills around the city of Apatzingán.

    In the northern Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, state police said the gunmen who killed the mayor-elect of the city of Matehuala on Sunday used assault rifles of the kind frequently wielded by drug gangs.

    Edgar Morales Perez, of the Institutional Revolutionary party died in the attack along with an adviser who was travelling with him, but the adviser's wife survived. His party, known as the PRI, issued a statement on Sunday calling on authorities to investigate the killings and punish those responsible.

    Associated Press in Mexico City Tuesday 14th August 2012.
    Article on The Guardian website.


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