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Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorist are Recruiting for More Fighters to Train as Soldi

  1. Balzafire
    Mexican drug cartels are now advertising for young men to step up and to come and join their ranks to fight the Mexican army. The ads and banners premise those who join will make good money have food and a place to stay even while in training. The Journal has learned that this same type of advertising is planned for Juarez, TJ and other Mexican border cities.

    Mexican drug cartels according to recent press reports have military style training camps on and near the border with the United States. These Training camps are for military-style killers. Federal authorities say these camps have Afghanistan and other middle eastern instructors who teach the latest military fighting tactics that are utilized in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Islamic radicals that are fighting and killing American and allied troops in those countries. Mexican officials admit they know of special training camps in the Mexican states of Tamaulipas and Michoacan, where newly recruited Zetas take intensive six-week training courses in weapons, tactics and intelligence gathering.

    Iran is believed providing at least some of the money for this recruiting and training program. The training camps are teaching hit and run gorilla technique’s. Cells of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) have sent their seasoned veterans to oversee the training of the new troops and to direct the war against the Mexican government on behalf of the Mexican Cartels. Trained fighters from al-Qaida, Hizballah (Party of God) Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have been seen in Mexico and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has reported cells from these terrorist organizations are believed here in the U.S. as well. According to a well placed CIA operative.

    The El Paso Journal has been told by an anonymous caller who claims to be an Lt. of a Mexican cartel said in advance, “that the Mexican drug cartels would be advertising for recruits to train as cartel soldiers to fight the Mexican army which has been sent to the border with the U.S. to extinguish the Mexican drug cartels”. Just today a week or so since he made the predictions banners where string across a main artery in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico advertising for recruits. He also said they would be advertising on the internet which has also happened. His predictions have been accurate so far. He told of the Mexican army coming to each border town before they did. The Journal has not reported any of his predictions to date without confirmation from other independent unrelated and reliable sources.

    The Mexican government first realized that Islamic radical militants were already starting to infiltrate the country in statements by high-ranking Mexican officials prior to and following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks indicated “that Islamic extremist organizations has sought to establish a presence in Mexico”.

    Former Mexican national security adviser and ambassador to the United Nations, Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, stated, that “Spanish and Islamic terrorist groups are using Mexico as a refuge… In light of this situation, there are continuing investigations aimed at dismantling these groups so that they may not cause problems”. He also mentioned that the terrorist groups in question are located in the northern part of the country. “Islamic people” in Mexico sparked speculation among observers that the Lebanese Shi’ite terrorist organization Hizbollah have established cells in Mexico.

    Remarks made by Mexican public officials indicate the real possibility that al Qaeda cells are present in Mexico and could potentially attempt to cross the U.S. southwest border to conduct additional attacks.

    The former director of Mexico’s Center for Intelligence and National Security (Centro de Inteligencia y Seguridad Nacional—Cisen), Eduardo Medina Mora, remarked that the possibility of an al Qaeda attack against the United States launched from Mexico “could not be ruled out.”

    National Migration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migracion—INM) official Felipe Urbiola Ledezma made more alarming statements during remarks to the press, Urbiola said, “We have in Mexico people linked to terrorism and we are constantly observing unusual immigration flows…[people connected to] ETA, Hizbollah and even some with links to Usama Bin Laden.”

    Other terrorist and criminal groups are in Mexico including the Russian mafia groups such as the Poldolskaya, Mazukinskaya, Tambovskaya, and Izamailovskaya have been detected in Mexico. The Moscow-based Solntsevskaya gang is also reported to be present in the country, as are other mafia gangs from Chechnya, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Poland Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Albania, and Rumania. Their major activities include drug and arms trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, trafficking in women from Eastern and Central Europe and Russia, alien smuggling, kidnapping, and credit card fraud.

    Reforma a leading Mexican newspaper reported that U.S. intelligence agencies had detected a partnership between the Tijuana-based Arellano-Felix Organization (AFO) and Russian mafia groups based in southern California. In a separate story, Reforma reported that members of the former KGB-affiliated Kurganskaya group in San Diego had met with AFO operative Humberto Rodríguez Banuelos.

    Reforma reported that for at least the last ten years the Russian mafia was supplying Mexican drug traffickers with radars, automatic weapons, grenade launchers, and small submersibles in exchange for cocaine, amphetamines, and heroin. It cited a 1996 sting operation in which undercover DEA agents posing as Russian mafia members sold Carillo Fuentes operatives 300 AK-47s and ammunition in Costa Rica.

    Even ten years ago, ten Russians, including four known members of the Russian mafia, were arrested at Mexico City’s international airport when they arrived on a KLM flight from Amsterdam. The mafia members included Aleksandr Zakharov, one of the leaders of the Moscow mafia and founder of the Uralinvest, known to have a principal role in organized crime in Russia. Another detainee was Nicolay Novikov, a Uralinvest director who had been imprisoned on three previous occasions for arms trafficking. A third was Yevgeniy Sazhayev, who had been arrested on two previous occasions for drug trafficking. The fourth was Vladimir Titov, wanted for various assassinations and who had escaped from several Russian prisons with the help of the mafia. The four men, who were traveling with six women, were apparently en route to Acapulco and Cancún. The group was reportedly deported. The Interpol head in Mexico, Juan Manuel Ponce, corroborated accounts that the group had been carrying arms and a substantial amount of cash.

    According to Mexican analyst Jorge Fernández Méndez, the Russian mafia bosses had come to Mexico in order to mediate in the gang war being fought between the CFO and various other groups for control of drug trafficking routes through Mexico in the wake of the death of Alejandro Paez.

    It is well known that the Russian mafia is deeply entrenched in the criminal fabric of the Mexican drug cartels and still today plays an important roll in providing guns and other weapons to the cartels and are purveyors of, drug smuggling, money laundering, prostitution, trafficking in women from Eastern and Central Europe and Russia, alien and terrorist smuggling, kidnappings for ransom.

    The self proclaimed Mexican drug cartel Lt. says,” that we will be offering Mexican soldiers very attractive pay packages and other benefits to cross over and go to work for us”. He told the journal we can look for that new development to be happening soon. He also predicts that “active current duty Mexican soldiers and Mexican Federal Police officers will be killed by well armed and trained cartel soldiers”.

    Reforma Reforma Mexico City Newspaper.


  1. weary_enmity
    Re: Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorist are Recruiting for More Fighters to Train as S

    It troubles me that SOME people in these two border cities know
    what's going. I think the u.s. rarely reports this on a national level.

    About two weeks ago a car-bomb killed seven people. I was shocked.
  2. Agrippa
    Re: Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorist are Recruiting for More Fighters to Train as S

    So, according to this article, drug cartels are supporting terrorism now. It's going to get bad for mexico once the US government begins to take a heavier notice of its borders. I suppose it would be out of the question to create a publicly fuded counter insurgency group that could fight this so-called cartel army. I believe a group with diplomatic immunity in america and mexico that wasn't bound by the rules of governmental escalation of force would be quite useful against these individuals.
  3. weary_enmity
    Re: Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorist are Recruiting for More Fighters to Train as S

    Call it a conspiracy theory but imagine our government is somehow
    tied to this. They know what's going it's on the LOCAL newspapers
    everyday. Someone dies in Juarez everyday over the drug cartel.
  4. Agrippa
    Re: Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorist are Recruiting for More Fighters to Train as S

    I can nearly guarantee our government has business involved with these hoodlums. The part about the US government taking a larger view on the situation, is totally reliant on de-escalation in Afghanistan and US populace involvement. Once the people begin a large outcry the US government will be forced to resign their ties with these cretins and consolidate a passive imperialistic offensive on Mexico. We will use the Cartels as an excuse and guise as to why we have occupied Mexico. We will then begin reconstruction of their government and social concepts. We will effectively turn Mexico into America - dumb downed, television watching junkies that pay allegiance to the capitolistic cloaked imperial obligarchy.
  5. Indigenous
    Re: Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorist are Recruiting for More Fighters to Train as S

    So-called? You have no idea, brah. An army is exactly what is necessary for the cartels to do what they do. Exporting drugs to America takes huge resources.

    Diplomacy won't work on them, and I expect a war against them would continue for 10 years after the President declares "Mission Accomplished". The only way to end the cartels permanently is remove their sources of profit, which is almost entirely smuggling. Without money, their enormous power and influence in Mexico will most likely rapidly dissolve.

    That bleak possibility will only happen if America remains lethargic and ignorant. Reformation to sensible drug laws will be a good start towards preventing that. Who knows, maybe there's enough sympathy left in America's laboring, cholesterol-laden hearts to realize that helping our struggling neighbors is worth our precious time.
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