Mexican drug lords sure are mean.

By tjgilly · Apr 13, 2007 · ·
  1. tjgilly
    this came from a new website:

    MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AP) -- Drug traffickers are waging a highly effective publicity campaign in Mexico that began with a chilling show of brutality in Acapulco: two police officers' heads, streaming with blood, were stuck on metal spikes outside a downtown building with a fluorescent cardboard sign. "So that you learn to respect," it read in thick black letters.
    The spectacle a year ago in the Pacific resort set off a ghoulish trend among the drug lords battling for billion-dollar smuggling routes into the United States. They've since left a trail of bodies and bloodstained notes across Mexico, with a goal of spreading fear -- a sense of dread so deep that rivals, police, witnesses and even President Felipe Calderon won't dare cross them.
    Regular citizens used to be left out of this calculation as organized crime groups quietly settled scores between themselves.
    No longer. The drug gangs now publish newspaper ads and tack threatening notes to corpses with ice picks or tape them to trash bags filled with body parts for public display. They're even using the Internet, posting a video on YouTube that showed the apparent beheading of an alleged hit man.

    Those drug lords don't mess around.

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  1. PingoTango
    Got a URL?

    This is where your coke money ends up 95% of the time people. Best not to think about it, I find... :(
  2. pokeyjo304
    "this came from a new website:"

    news website* not new
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