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Mexican drugs 'grown in US parks'

By Abrad, Aug 31, 2006 | | |
  1. Abrad
    Washington has promised action against Mexican drug-traffickers who the US says are growing billions of dollars of marijuana in US national parks.

    Mexican cartels controlled 80% of the marijuana grown in forest and mountain areas, drugs tsar John Walters said.

    He blamed the cartels for much of the expansion of the crop, in particular in public lands such as national parks.

    Every American should be outraged that national parks were being turned into centres of drug production, he said.

    But growing marijuana in the US is not entirely a new phenomenon, despite it being illegal for more than 70 years.

    Cash crop

    According to the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml), back in 1998 US-grown marijuana was thought to be among the top five cash crops in the country, with an estimated value of over $10bn (£5.3bn).

    Five years later, it was estimated that the value of US marijuana crops could be as high as $25bn.

    That figure, if correct, would make it more valuable that the country's largest legal cash crop, which is maize and produces about $19bn in revenue.

    Traditionally, most of the trade has taken place in California because of its warm climate, but now American experts say it is expanding rapidly to other states in the north and east and even to Hawaii.

    Perhaps more worrying, much of this expansion has been on public lands.


  1. old hippie 56
    Parts of Yosemite National are too dangerous to go in due to booby-traps and armed guards.
  2. Nature Boy
    "Every American should be outraged that national parks were being turned into centres of drug production, he said."

    Every American should also support their president, should be pro-war, should have a star-spangled banner hanging outside their homes, should have a crew crut, should drink Coca-Cola etc.

    Fucking dictator.
  3. Beeker
    I love it that even the media can't make Bush look good. Check out all that splendor.

    All hail the monkey man!
    I don't need to say anything really here. Washington is like a polar opposite to Bush. This, in fact, could be a political magnet, pun intended.

    Could someone please make all this stop!
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