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Mexican 'Mass Grave' found.

By John Doe · Jun 8, 2010 ·
  1. John Doe
    Mexican 'Mass Grave' found.

    View attachment 15040 COPS in Mexico have discovered dozens of bodies in an abandoned mine thought to be being used by drugs gangs as a dumping ground for their victims.

    Last week emergency services pulled 20 bodies — including that of the warden of a nearby prison — from the 150m deep shaft in Taxco, western Mexico.

    They have now recovered 55 bodies — and still have TEN more mine ducts to explore.

    Officers have been abseiling down into the mines to explore them since the first bodies were discovered last month.

    Carlos Amezcua, the head of the emergency services in Guerrero state, said: "The smell was intolerable."

    Cops are taking photos and DNA samples in the hope of identifying the dead.

    Some corpses have drug gang tattoos, police said.

    Tens of thousands of people have been killed since Mexico President Felipe Calderon launched an army led crackdown on drug gangs in 2006.

    Local morgues have been overwhelmed by the huge number of bodies.

    Most have been killed in violent clashes between cartels fighting for drug smuggling routes into the US.

    The Sun
    Tuesday 08/06/2010


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