Mexican police make big drug bust

By buseman · May 31, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    Mexican Federal Police officers seized a shipment of more than 900 kilos of cocaine, heroin and crystal methamphetamine hidden in boxes of detergent and cleaning products in the northern state of Chihuahua, the Public Safety Secretariat said.

    Two people were hauling the drugs in a truck on the highway to Ciudad Juarez, a border city considered one of the main drug trafficking centers in Mexico.

    Officers ordered the truck to stop when they saw it veer into oncoming traffic and found irregularities in the documents provided by the driver, who said he was headed to Tijuana, a border city in the northwestern state of Baja California.

    A check of the truck's registration indicated that it belonged to another vehicle.

    Officers moved the truck to a police station, where an inspection turned up 1,214 boxes of soap, bleach and detergent filled with packages of different drugs.

    A total of 206 kilos of cocaine, nearly 16 kilos of heroin and close to 702 kilos of crystal methamphetamine were seized.

    The 32-year-old truck driver tried to bribe the Federal Police officers, offering them 50,000 pesos (about $3,800) to let him go.

    The driver and his 44-year-old companion were arrested and turned over to prosecutors.

    The Mexican government has seized 78.3 tons of cocaine, 4,390 tons of marijuana and 43.5 tons of chemicals used to manufacture synthetic drugs, like crystal methamphetamine, since President Felipe Calderon launched his war on drugs in December 2006.

    Police have found drugs hidden in shipments of shark, frozen squid and a substance similar to black tea, among other products, in recent months.

    Mexico's illegal drug trade generates between $15 billion and $25 billion annually, U.S. officials say.

    The United States, the world's top consumer of illegal drugs, is the main market for Mexico's drug cartels.

    May, 30, 2010 EFE Ingles

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