Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

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  1. Spucky
    Leading politician RodolfoTorre Cantú murdered in Mexico
    Drug cartels blamed for high profile killing of would-be governor, who was tipped to win election in Tamaulipas

    Gunmen assumed to be linked to Mexico's drug cartels have assassinated a leading politician who was almost certain to win a forthcoming governorship election in the embattled northern state of Tamaulipas, sending shockwaves through national politics.

    Rodolfo Torre Cantú was killed alongside at least four members of his entourage when their two vehicles were ambushed yesterday morning, a few miles outside the state capital, Ciudad Victoria. They had been on their way to a rally in the final days of campaigning before Sunday's poll.
    "We cannot allow [organised] crime to impose its will and its perverse rules on the decision of citizens and in elections," Felipe Calderón, the Mexican president, said after condemning the attack. Flanked by the minister of defence, the interior minister and the attorney general Calderón called for a united front to, "recuperate Mexico from the hands of crime".

    Torre Cantú is by far the highest profile political murder associated with Mexico's escalating drug wars that have killed over 23,000 people since 2007. Nothing remotely equivalent has happened in Mexico since presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio was killed in 1994.

    Tamaulipas is among the states hardest hit by the violence, with the death toll accompanied by extortion and generalised terror that ensures most local media no longer even report major gunbattles for fear of angering the gunmen.

    The local front is rooted in the rivalry between the old guard leadership of the Gulf cartel and the organisation's erstwhile enforcers known as Los Zetas who have since set up their own independent criminal organisation. The Gulf is said to be allied with trafficking organisations based in other parts of the country, including the Sinaloa cartel, headed by Mexico's most famous trafficker, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.

    Observers say it was an assassination waiting to happen. The turf wars between the drug cartels date back to 2005 but have intensified since Calderón launched a military-led offensive against them in December 2006.
    "It is part of the escalation," said former drug tsar Samuel Gonzalez, an implacable critic of the Calderón offensive he believes puts too much emphasis on police and military action instead of rooting out corruption. "If things don't change much more blood will flow."

    According to Gonzalez, the assassination of Torre Cantú initially looks like an attempt by the Zetas to remove somebody they perceived as an enemy before he took office as governor. The state government of Tamaulipas has long been accused of collusion with the Gulf cartel.

    Torre Cantú belonged to the Institutional Revolutionary party, or PRI, which governed between 1929 and 2000. Since that date the presidency has been in the hands of the National Action party, or PAN, but the PRI still controls the majority of the country's 32 states.Some of the polls leading into the last week of campaigning gave the assassinated 46-year-old candidate as much as a 30 percentage point lead over his nearest rival.
    The Tamaulipas electoral authority was due to meet to decide whether to postpone the elections in the wake of the murder.



  1. godztear
    Mexico is getting out of control.

    America sends troops to the other side of the world, why not right next door to help with the war on the home front?
  2. Spucky
    AW: Re: Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

    Oh, oh :)
    I can see "Conspiracy" here, if they do this please annex Canada also :laugh:

    Than we have pure Facts!
  3. godztear
    Re: AW: Re: Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

    :laugh: America didn't even want Mexico in the first place, but when you have violent cartels trying to push their way north then you would think something has to be done before they just take over Mexico and then America has an enemy at the gates.
  4. Spucky
    AW: Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

    Instead of sending Troops there they need o change their own social system,
    because this system is responsible for the dead People in Mexico!

    They need to fight their inner Demon, in their Home-Country,
    going to Mexico is the same like visiting a NA. Meeting! :laugh:
  5. godztear
    That is an interesting approach about the social system.

    Could you elaborate more on this?
  6. Spucky
    AW: Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

    The "Elbow-Society" in the US. create a high demand for cheap Drugs!

    The US. lose (or kill?) their normal People, instead they create more and more People
    who need to escape from that cruel World!
  7. gamorrah
    Re: AW: Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

    I live in both countries... IDK, the Mexican people have a different culture and no real middle class. Cleaning up that country is not going to happen anytime soon and neither is the market for drugs that the USA represents. In all honesty though, on the surface things still seem to be better than they did 20 years ago. More development and greater opportunities for the poorer classes anyways. Seems like a lot of the news and dangers in Mexico are exaggerated by the American media, perhaps it is politically motivated. While I agree the frontier or border areas can be dangerous, its no more dangerous than some of the inner cities of the USA.
  8. godztear
    Well that is a little less then I expected, but I'll shoot at it.

    In the United States of America there are many people, of many different cultural backgrounds. It would be absurd to think that the government could make a "guide line" for how to live the American life, which is exactly what they think they can do. (am I in the right direction?)

    Drugs are accepted and, on the contrary, taboo depending on what sub-culture of America that one lives in or chooses to associate themselves with.

    Yes this does increase a supply and demand issue for drugs and how they are obtained. For example, if marijuana users could grow their own crop without fear of being arrested, then Mexico would have to keep their brick weed.

    This brings up the issue of moral values, which is what the Government bases it's opinionated decisions on. Some drugs are considered more acceptable then others, but a drug is still a drug. The cocaine that some people like to enjoy needs to come from somewhere, and the route is right threw Mexico.

    Now all drugs cannot be made legal just to keep criminals at bay, because humans have shown over time that they all cannot regulate their use.

    So back to the topic, what is to keep these cartels from over-running Mexico as it appears that they already are on their way? The drugs make money, for both the cartels and it keeps people employed to counter the cartels every move.

    My suggestion may not be the most desirable, however it would be efficient. Help Mexico out, send troops threw the back door and help take out the cartels and every route they have. It doesn't have to be another Afghanistan, because that county got wiped out in just a few days and now look at the situation. Work with Mexican Government and kill the problem where it is.
  9. gamorrah
    IMO the Mexican people themselves really dont have the consumption problem we as Americans have, perhaps moreso with Alcohol but they cant afford most drugs and the money to be made is too good when no middle class level work really exist. Its a matter of economics, im not sure a military solution can exist without creating a serious chasm between the two countries, the drug cartels are just too integrated. On an interesting note, they attempted to kill the chief of police in the community I live in and failed, the next few days I did see over 20 American security contractor trucks entering Mexico, im not sure what the deal was..
  10. Spucky
    AW: Re: Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

    Excuse me, it was already very late yesterday!

    Sure, sure my Friend :laugh:
    Send US Troops to Mexico to help them out :crazy

    I don't like to talk about this No Go Option,
    the US-Citizen have to learn how to handle their own Problems.
    They cant solve them by sending Troops into a Alien Nation.

    But it is the typical US American way, because they never growing up
    and handle all their Problems like a gang of stupid and naive Teenagers!

    We can say too: common, we send Troops to the US and eliminate
    the Drug Problem on the Roots- that will be fair :)
  11. godztear
    Re: AW: Re: Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

    We already have the DEA and National Guard for that. You don't see endless marijuana and coca fields in America ;)
  12. Spucky
    AW: Re: AW: Re: Mexico Leading politician Rodolfo Torre Cantú mu

    And this is a major reason why we see so much Dead and Violence in Mexico, Columbia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bolivia, etc.!

    US-America is the World-Champion in delegating internal Problems
    in to another Country's ;)
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