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Mexico Seizes 4,200 Gallons of Drug-Precursor Chemicals

By buseman · Jun 17, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    MEXICO CITY – Authorities in the Mexican port of Veracruz seized 16,000 liters (4,226 gallons) of chemicals used to make synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine, officials said Wednesday.

    The cargo arrived in the Gulf port from China aboard the MSC Flamina, according to a joint statement from the military, the Attorney General’s Office, the tax-collection agency and the customs service.

    The chemicals were transported in 80 drums of 200 liters each.

    The shipment reached Veracruz on June 2, according to the statement, which did not say when authorities discovered that the cargo included drug-precursor chemicals banned in Mexico.

    This type of detection is made thanks to the reinforcement of security measures in the customs service, the communique said.

    Two months ago, authorities in Veracruz confiscated more than four tons of pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient in methamphetamine, that arrived on a ship from India.

    Mexico, which produces most of the crystal meth consumed in the United States, has barred imports of pseudoephedrine and other chemicals used in the production of illegal synthetic drugs.

    June 16,2010


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