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  1. Alfa

    OTTAWA - Canada's budding reputation as America's pot pusher is
    getting a shakedown from new figures that tell a different tale.

    Far from being the major exporter of marijuana to the United States as
    many might think, Canada accounts for only a small fraction of the
    American supply, a newly released report indicates.

    The RCMP's annual assessment of the drug situation in Canada, citing
    the latest seizure statistics, points out that most U.S. marijuana is
    homegrown or smuggled in from Mexico.

    While the amount of pot detected moving south from Canada has
    increased steadily since 2000, to almost 15,700 kilograms last year,
    it was dwarfed by the 406,000 kilograms of Mexican marijuana seized at
    the U.S. border in 2003.

    In addition, American authorities continue to report that their
    primary source of marijuana remains the U.S., the RCMP report says.

    The numbers contrast sharply with images of potent B.C. Bud stashes
    sent south by the truckload or being tossed across the border in
    duffel bags.

    "It's quite clear that we are only a minor supplier of cannabis to the
    United States," said Eugene Oscapella of the Canadian Foundation for
    Drug Policy, which advocates regulated legalization of marijuana.

    Still, the RCMP considers the export of marijuana to the U.S. to be a
    "thriving industry."


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