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Mexico's Mysterious Blogger Who Exposes the Nation's Drug Cartels is Revealed as Girl

By BitterSweet, Apr 4, 2013 | |
  1. BitterSweet
    19266.jpg As the brutal drug war which has claimed over 80,000 lives still rages, one anonymous blogger has been providing Mexicans with something they can't get elsewhere - an inside view of their country's debilitating narcotics battle.
    • Blog del Narco, revealed to be the work of a twenty-something girl who lives in the north of Mexico
    • She operates under the pseudonym 'Lucy'
    • Describes the blog as her passion, her life and her 'boyfriend'
    With over three million hits a week and over 120,000 followers on Twitter, Blog del Narco is renowned for its fearless coverage at a time when mainstream media are feeling pressure and are frightened away by the nation's deadly cartels.

    The identity of the courageous reporter, who lives under the constant and real fear of a violent and gruesome death, has long been a mystery, as many postings include graphic imagery and depict crime scenes accessible only to military or the police.

    However, a new investigation by The Houston Observer has revealed that, in fact, the author is a young, single woman in her twenties, with no children and only a deep love of her country and the belief that her blog helps draw back the veil on her nations vicious fight against drug barons.

    'I don't think people ever imagined it was a woman doing this,' said the blogger to Rory Carroll who works for the British newspaper The Guardian in Los Angeles.

    'Who am I? I'm in my mid-20s, I live in northern Mexico, I'm a journalist. I'm a woman, I'm single, I have no children. And I love Mexico.'


    This marks the first time that the blogger, who decided to use the pseudonym Lucy, has spoken to the press. In the past she has used a male colleague who helps her with the technical side to engage with short email conversations with reporters.

    Speaking through an anonymous intermediary, Lucy told The Guardian that she uses her blog to keep her compatriots informed of what is really going on between the cartels, the police, the military and the public.

    'I'm in love with my culture, with my country, despite all that's going on. Because we're not all bad.

    We're not all narcos. We're not all corrupt. We're not all murderers. We are well educated, even if many (foreign) people think otherwise.'

    The undifferentiated content suggests that all sides are using the blogdrug gangs to project their power, law enforcement to show that it too can play rough, and the public to learn about incidents that the mainstream media are forced to ignore or play down.



    Since the blog was launched in 2010, Lucy has lived in constant fear of being captured and killed by the cartels, who are infuriated by her insistence of depicting the true horrors of the drug war which has been estimated to have displaced over a million people across Mexico.

    She brings up the sad example of a couple who were found hanging from a bridge in the Mexican border city of Neuvo Laredo after being disemboweled and mutilated by their attackers.

    Lucy revealed to The Guardian that the couple were her erstwhile colleagues on the website.

    'They used to send us photographs. That was very hard, very painful.'

    The motive for the gruesome attack was to explicitly warn her not to criticize Mexican drug cartels on the internet.

    Next to the battered bodies was a sign reading: ‘This is going to happen to all those posting funny things on the internet, You better (expletive) pay attention. I’m about to get you.’

    The woman, thought to be in her 20s, was tied to the bridge from her feet and hands as her body dangled topless with her innards protruding.

    19266.jpg The man’s body, also believed to be in his early 20s, was hanging from just his hands.

    However, despite living with the all-too real threat of assassination, Lucy has now produced a book,

    'Dying for the Truth: Undercover Insider Mexico's Violent Drug War'.

    It highlights her first year operating the blog during a year in which almost 20,000 people lost their lives.

    Over the past three years, Lucy has had to move home every month to live in basements, running scared from cartel members so powerful they hold corrupt politicians in their pockets.

    Indeed, the website comes under constant cyber-attack from members of the government who want to shut down the gruesome but truthful site.

    Drawing their material from members of the public, those who she knows and even drug gangs, Lucy told
    The Guardian that only her close family know that she is the author behind the infamous blog.

    The mainstream Mexican media frequently attacks the site, calling it free publicity for the wealthy cartels.

    In the past the blog has provided links to Facebook pages of alleged traffickers and their children, weapons, cars and lavish parties.

    As well as photos of Mexican pop music stars at a birthday party for an alleged drug dealer's teenage daughter in the border state of Coahuila, across from Texas.

    'The girl wrote to me and told me, in a threatening way, to take down her photos,' said her male colleague to the Associated Press in 2010.

    'But as long as I don't hear from her father, I won't take them down.'

    But, the blog provides Mexicans with an inside view into the world of the Sinaloa cartel and the battling Zeta and Gulf cartels.

    19266.jpg With President due in Mexico in early May to discuss the nation's drug battle with new Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Lucy is adamant she will not cease her activities.

    'We have thought about quitting the blog thousands of times. But we haven't, because we have to get the message out. They have stolen our tranquility, our dreams, our peace,' she said to The Guardian.
    Telling the newspaper that she knows the revelation she is a girl will stun Mexico, her devotion to her blog is admirable as she vowed to continue it - no matter the cost.

    'My only boyfriend is the blog. A whole phase of my life – boyfriends, going to parties, hanging out with friends – I've missed it. Getting married, having babies – there's not been time to think of any of that,' she said to The Guardian.

    Author: James Nye, The Guardian
    Date: April 4, 2013
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...onstant-fear-assassination.html#ixzz2PTyzwMMn


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