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Miami teenager accused of possessing Xanax curses out judge

By Rob Cypher, Feb 6, 2013 | Updated: Feb 6, 2013 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    A teenager was jailed for thirty days after sticking her finger up at a judge during sentencing.

    Penelope Soto was appearing after being arrested for drug possession, but after her bond was set she made the offensive gesture to Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat.

    As a result she was hauled back in front of the judge and given a jail sentence for contempt of court.

    The exchange, seen in a video posted on LiveLeak, began when Soto was asked about her financial assets.

    Standing up in court wearing an orange jumpsuit told him she earned $200 a week and said her assets included her jewellery and a car.

    Realising her laughter did not reflect the gravity of the situation Judge Rodriguez-Chomat told her: 'It's not a joke, you know, we're not in a club now, [...] be serious about it.'

    Still looking amused and stroking her hair Soto answered 'I'm serious about it, you just made me laugh [...], I apologize. It's worth a lot of money,' she continued.

    Judge Rodriguez-Chomat asked Soto if she had taken any drugs in the past 24 hours, which she denied.

    Throughout the exchange Soto's facial expressions varied from boredom to amusement and she was constantly moving and flicking her hair.

    Judge Rodriguez-Chomat then set Soto's bond at $5,000 and said 'bye, bye.'

    In response, Soto laughed and replied 'Adios' as she walked away.

    After a second's hesitation, Judge Rodriguez-Chomat called Soto back and asked for the papers to be handed back to him.

    After scribbling on them, he then reset her bond at $10,000, to which a shocked Soto replied: 'Are you serious?'

    As she turned to walk away again Soto gave the finger to Judge Rodriguez-Chomat and said: Fuck you.'

    Again looking amused Judge Rodriguez-Chomat called Soto back again and gave her a 30-day jail sentence for contempt of court.

    Soto had appeared in court on Monday for possession of Xanax bars - the anti-anxiety drug is available on prescription, but is commonly used as an easy high.

    (video of incident embedded on linked website)

    The Daily Mail
    5th February 2013


  1. GeographyGeography
    Good for her. It is clear to see that his sentencing and 'judgement' are no longer of service to society when he acts in anger, out of a need for revenge- like a child.

    Unfortunate that this seems to be the norm now. Aren't judges supposed to be acutely aware of the issues people like this face every day from police and officials, not to mention the criminalizing of poverty that has turned a generation into criminals. They are literally discarded into prison as human trash to be slaves for private prison CEOs!!
  2. Moving Pictures
    From someone who has been in front of judges many times, let me say, I am in agreement with the judge in sending her to jail on a contempt charge. You just don't do that in a court room. She was at fault for having the drugs, she was at fault for acting like a fucking moron in the courtroom. The judge did what any judge would do. Goddamn, I've seen a judge send a guy to jail for 2 days for getting smart with him for wearing a tank top to court. This dumbass little girl got what she deserved and will hopefully learn her lesson.

    I assume Flordia has a ten percent bond law (ie you go to a bail bondsman and pay them 10% of the bond plus a little extra and they post the rest of the bond and get you out) so she could have gotten out for around $500. Not too bad really though a bit on the high side. However she did say she makes $200 a week and has a lot of assests.

    Look, I'm 100% against drug prohabation in any form. I fucking hate the judges and the prosecutors and the jailers and the COs and the public defenders and all that bullshit. I think most of them deserve to rot in hell. But this is the girl's fault, plain and simple. You say "fuck you" to a judge, expect to do some time! That's just how it works. She treated the whole ordeal as a joke. Hopefully she will realize how serious it really it.

    I wish I could have told the judge who put me in jail "fuck you". I was broken hearted when he wouldn't probate me after all the time I had served while he was probating fucking crack dealers and piece of shit scum that might as well never be let out cus they'll be back any fucking way. But I have enough respect and fear of and for his postion (not for him) not to get smart with him. I took my time like a man. This is just some spolied little bitch who thinks everything is a joke. Jail will be a good learning experience for her. I mean that.
  3. Emin
    Is it against the rules to post a link to the video? This girl was acting smug as hell, it was completely deserved.
  4. rickster999
    I understand what Geographyx2 is saying. But you just can't behave that way. If she can fake an orgasm, she can fake remorse.
  5. ruepanadol
    She didn't do anything wrong in the first place by possessing Xanax. The judge issued her a sentence for a victimless crime.

    Whilst I don't like anger and all of these types of emotions, the girl didn't do anything wrong. It's a joke to bring somebody to court anyway for possessing Xanax. So the state started the joke. And then when the judge changed it from 5000 to 10000, he provoked the girl.

    She should be excused for what she did. After all she did NOTHING wrong in the first place, at all. The drug laws are a joke and immoral. She did absolutely nothing, and for all this she gets 30 days in prison. This is beyond belief.
  6. ruepanadol
    The judge cannot simply demand respect. I mean what does he expect her to do? Fake respect for him? Why should she? She is a human and has her own dignity, it's sad enough for the state and the system to make her come to Court anyway.

    I feel very sorry for this poor girl. Another scapegoat of this immoral judicial system - punishing victims.
  7. ianzombie
    Having watched the video, she deserved all she got, and more.
  8. Routemaster Flash
    If she earns $200 a week while (presumably) still living at home, and has expensive jewellery and a car, then poverty is not really the issue here.

    I agree that America's drug laws, like those of many countries, are capricious and unfair, but it's solely through this woman's (I nearly typed "girl's" then, but fuck it, she's 18) own actions that she's made what could have been a slight misdemeanor into a much more serious charge. There are times for being a jackass and times for taking things a bit more seriously. I don't see how what's happened is anyone's fault but hers.
  9. Routemaster Flash
    That's a separate issue from the contempt charge, isn't it? Yes, possessing Xanax - or, arguably, any drug - should not be a crime, I'm sure most people here would agree with you on that. But for whatever reason you find yourself up infront of a judge, it's only going to get worse for you if you fuck around. It's not rocket science.
  10. mr sic
    After reading the story I thought.
    "Good for her, she knew what was gonna happen and she felt it was a risk worth taking to tell off a judge."
    After watching the video I thought,
    "What a clueless spoiled little shit, she shoulda got more than 30 days."
  11. corvardus
    Yes they can, and they have. It's their house and they dispense justice as per the rules of the laws of the land in which this imbecile lives. A judge is not only judging on the crime, itself, but the character of the individual who is up before them. It has been like that for hundreds of years.

    The judge was more than ready to give her the standard punishment that they are compelled to do by the laws of the land. The punishment became more severe when she started to mouth off.

    The guy in front of you in the court has the ability to destroy your life at the waft of his pen at his will out of simple preservation she failed to follow the most simple and common sense rules for anyone faced with a judge. Suck his cock, don't rock the boat, don't give him any excuses to make your life worse.

    It is simple stupidity to expect to get pally and familiar with a judge three times her age. She has only herself to blame for her predicament. As Routemaster pointed out it isn't rocket science. I wouldn't even go so far as to say that it is science. It's common sense. Something any semi-sentient rational being would understand and we call humans the pinnacle of evolution.

  12. Moving Pictures
    In most all states, I know for sure in mine, (illegal) possession of Xanax, even sale of benzodiazepines (any schedule 4 substance) is still a misdeaminor. She got a fair bail, got smart, got her bail raised, then said fuck you to the judge. WTF?!!? Some of y'all are defending her? "This poor girl"? Jesus Christ, none of y'all have ever done time then. You don't know how it works. Even the dumbest most ignorant motherfucker who shows his ass all the time treats the judge with respect. It's how things work. He is in control. It's his court room. His is the one who sentences you.

    If she would have kept her mouth shut, she could have gotten out on a fairly low bond and probably would have never done any time on the xanax charge. She probably would have gotten probation or a drug court diversion. But she wanted to show off how smart she is and how cool she is and she got 30 days in jail. She's a fucking moron. Plain and simple. Got what she desereved

    Look, I've had several 30 day sentences. This will be good for her, honestly. She will sober up and realize how stupid her actions were and hopefully will be scared enough not to go back to drugs. I can picture her right now, crying like a baby on the phone begging her parents to find some way to get her home. Once she accepts she has to do her time (I'd give it a week or so), she will hopefully realize how dumb what she did was. That's why I say it's good she's going to jail. She will realize the error of her ways. Jail is a learning experience for sure. It's not fun but she's not going to be tortured or anything fuck. Yall are talking about her being sent to prison. She's not going to prison! She's doing a month in county jail. Short time pussy shit. She'll be crying about her time while there's other inmates looking at years and years. Hopefully she doesn't piss them off too much...

    Anyone who defends her has never done time, imo.
  13. Anna Thema
    damn...I wish I could find Missparkles post where she tells a very similar story from her own past. Something along the lines of
    judge "whats a nice girl like you doing in a place like this"
    sparks "fuck off and die"
    (I may be paraphrasing lol)

    but...I'm not feeling theres alot of love out there for this girl

    Yes...she is major leauge annoying, with the hair twirling, the big eyes, the idiot laugh and the frankly perverse perception of her own importance...

    but the judge...he didnt even know what he was sentencing her for...what USA judge has never heard of Xanax bars? He was reading the charge sheet and he thought she was in possession of 2 different drugs, Xanax and B.A.R's until someone pointed out different.

    Now, I know what Xanax bars are, you know what Xanax bars are...but we're not the bulk standard cross section of society, alot of people probably dont know, but what I find shocking is a judge not knowing, not being familiar enough with the information at hand to be able to recognise such a simple wording.

    The irony is, this girls problem is she thinks she's the lead character in some movie, and now, thanks to youtube and the court video system, she sort of is.
  14. ruepanadol
    I have to disagree man. She did nothing wrong in the first place. It was the state vs. her. She was being nice and polite, and then the Judge thought he could dispense a harsh form of punishment.

    It's silly that the legal system is like this. Just because it is an established 'norm' (because everybody else respects the state, and the judge) does not make it justifiable. After watching the video, you can see she is a young girl.

    And fair enough, if I agree that she made a mistake (which i really do not believe she did), then she does not, under any circumstances, warrant 30 days in jail! The experience could be scarring for her to spend a month in jail.

    We have to wake up and realize it was the state that started this. Not the girl. All she did was possess Xanax. If she wanted to let her anger out about this in the Courtroom, then so be it, it was probably the most appropriate place she could have done it.
  15. Moving Pictures
    ^you really are ignorant of the legal system. you should spend a little time in jail yourself. It will build character, I swear.

    (give me all the neg rep you want)
  16. corvardus
    You can disagree all you like. Doesn't change anything. The rules of the game are known from the outset. Her legal counsel knew the rules of the game. The girl thought she could play the game HER way and she got her butt handed to her and she deserved it.

    What the judge did was entirely predictable. Completely and utterly predictable. That means that his actions are under an element of her control. Give respect to the court, or at least have the damn discipline to fake it or deal with the consequences. This is a Druggie 101 lesson in front of a judge and as I have said before. Pure. Common. Sense.

    I can also see that she is old enough to know better. Did a search for more information about her age and looky here she's 18. She is, in the state of Florida, considered an adult. She was, indeed, old enough to know better. That annoying sideways head bob that arrogant people do just oozed contempt. That annoying sideways head bob in a court = bitch slap and she was served.

    Then the poor little delicate snowflake will learn her lesson, then, won't she? Not to be sassy in front of a flipping Judge. She is in a COURT. Even the judge reminded her that the premises and the gear she was wearing is not conducive to a social environment.

    Anyone that takes drugs do so with the sure-fire knowledge that if they get caught with an illegal substance they can expect some form of punishment. Anyone with half a brain cell would realise that upon such a situation occurring the guy sat on a seat in front of you is going to have the power to punish you to such an extent that it is likely to be inconvenient. People would tend to, at that point, have the discipline to shut the fuck up. Ride the thing out and hope for the best.

    You can try and blame the War on Drugs if you like but everyone that is, say, at least 60 would have lived through it for all of their adult lives. This is not a surprise. This should NOT be a surprise. There is NO excuse for it.

    Only imbeciles would consider being sassy to the judge to be a good idea. Many of us would LOVE to do it but I would also wager that most of us prefer to have our liberty intact. I, also, would have thought that any whining she'll be doing in jail would result in the population laughing their heads off at her.
  17. Dankitydankness
    Wow so apparently we're supposed to be viewing judges and cops as some higher power who we can't speak our mind to? This is America. Since when are we not allowed to tell people "fuck you" when we want to. Who cares if he's a judge. That doesn't make him better than anyone else.
  18. hookedonhelping
    My issue with this begins when the jude calls her back to raise her bond. She say's. "adios". Adios; as in "goodbye". Why does that warrant her bond to be doubled? She obviously felt the same way and expressed as much with her words and a hand gesture.

    Now lets examine why she was in court in the first place. Possession of Xanax, a benzodiazepine that acts as an anti-anxiety drug belonging to a class of medication that a large number of people use therapeutically in the United States and the world over. Unless she was in possession of a quantity that would suggest she was distributing the drug, why is she not released on her own recognizance with the condition that she seek out help?

    People who take this drug usually do so because they have anxiety issues. That is why addicts, "self medicate". What is criminal about self medicating? If anything, incarcerating a person who obviously needs to see a physician is counter productive. Legal issues only bring about more anxiety.
  19. Moving Pictures
    Goddamn, this is starting to piss me off. Where do you guys think you live? Magic fucking fairy land? It not about respect for the judge as a man. It about following the rules of the court. IT IS ILLEGAL TO TELL A JUDGE "FUCK YOU"!!! It's called contempt of court. When you disrespect a judge, it is against the law. Disrespecting a judge=disrespecting the court room. That's how it goes. Why do you people think she has a right to speak her mind to a judge? You don't do that. Fuck, I wish you guys would go into a courtroom and behave like that. I would laugh my ass off when they take you away in cuffs and you're crying like a baby.

    Look, you don't do it if you don't want to go to jail. She could have gotten out that same damn day if she hadn't been an arrogant little idiot. But she wanted to show her ass and she caught a contempt charge. 30 days aint shit, btw. I could do 30 days standing on my fucking head. Yall act like she got 10 years or something.

    Again, this isn't about respect for the judge as a person, it's about respect for the courtroom and following the rules. Again, it is a crime to disrespect a judge or the court room. No joke guys. If she wanted to speak her mind, she should have done that with her cellies back at the jail. Not in the fucking court room.

    Y'all that are defending her really need to do a little time.
  20. Dankitydankness
    Damn people I'm surprised at some of your responses. Saying she deserved it and all that shit. Yea no shit she should have known better. But the court shouldn't have all this power in the first place to be telling her how to live her life and punishing her for a fucking pill. They don't own this fucking world. And why are we supposed to look at judges like some higher fucking power who we have to respect. This is America,we shouldn't have to respect anybody. They aren't better than any of us.

    What would you guys be saying if you saw a video of a Jewish person being beaten and thrown into gas chambers cuz he had enough of the bullshit and decided to say "FUCK YOU" to a Nazi officer? What would you guys be saying? I'm sure it wouldn't be "oh well he deserved it. He should have known better then to talk to a Nazi like that". No fuck no you wouldn't say that. Half you guys would be calling him a hero and praising him for having the guts to stick up for himself and say what he feels right.
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