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Michigan is jumping on "K2" bandwagon

  1. JJ1234
    Just saw this shit on my local FOX news at 6. Basically some idiot kid and his friend went to one of their parents house, robbed and beat his father to death with a bat. Two other family members were attacked and are in critical condition. OH, did I mention they were smoking "K2" or synthetic marijuana? Well guess that's why they did it.

    This will link to site for that story from yesterday along with an underage kid with his mother who want "K2" banned. Fuckin ignorant! http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/

    Here is a preview:It was just the most awful experience I've ever had to deal with in my life," said Crystal Bochenek. A mother knows the effects of synthetic marijuana all too well. Bochenek and her 15-year-old son, Gage Bird, describe what happened the day he decided to give K2 a try. A friend told him it's legal, it's safe.
    "I was like really dizzy. I couldn't walk right," said Bird.
    "His body was trembling and he was white as a ghost," Bochenek explained.
    "I kept on like hearing certain things, and it felt like I was getting like hit in the face and there's like, I don't know to explain it, but it was like tie-dye kind of and it was like that's what I was dreaming and then I had like an out of body experience," Bird remarked. "I couldn't breath right. They had to keep on reminding me to breath and stuff, and I just thought I was going to die."
    "Thinking back to the day, I wish that I would've took him to the emergency room because knowing what I know now, it could've killed my son and I didn't even know what the stuff was before that day," Bochenek said.
    Just what is this stuff? Herbs and spices sprayed with a synthetic compound. It's sold as incense or potpourri and smoked like pot. Man made for a marijuana high, but considered poisonous to humans. The names range, but the unpredictable dangers are the same.
    K2 or Spice, as it's mostly known, is back in the spotlight after friends claimed Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young were strung out on it after they allegedly attacked the Cipriano family. The two known to buy the stuff at a Valero gas station in Farmington Hills.
    "Personally, I don't like it, but, you know, people buy it and everyone else is selling it," said Tarik Tayah, a worker at that gas station.
    After our original story aired, the owner pulled it from the shelves, but we had no problem finding the same synthetic stuff at a smoke shop down the street. The manager didn't like the attention and eventually kicked us out.
    Gas stations, party stores and head shops are able to sell this stuff now because the makers are manipulating these synthetic drugs. They're making new chemicals to replace the ones that are now banned.
    "You've got people that are marketing basically very dangerous and possibly death to young people," Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard stated.
    Michigan has been able to ban two chemical known as JWH, but rogue scientists are adjusting the molecules, repackaging the stuff and putting it back on the shelves. Bouchard said right now there are no penalties and no regulations.
    "Put it under constraint so that they can't just change one word in the chemical ingredient and then start selling again until people die. Laws change, which takes time, and then they start all over again. It's just a recipe for disaster," Bouchard said.
    "We've had people in the hospital across the state, hearts racing out of control, some people in convulsions, some people that have psychological problems for years, so it's a very danger to our society," said Senator Rick Jones on Grand Ledge.
    He has been working to outlaw synthetic drugs for the last couple of years, spearheading legislation that is widely supported and now one step away from seeking the governor's approval.
    "It would allow the Board of Pharmacy to be called in within ten days and they could declare that a substance was harming people in Michigan, illegal to sell and ban it right away," Jones explained.
    It would not be soon enough for that Wyandotte mother, who feels anyone who uses this drug is playing Russian roulette with their life.
    "It could seriously hurt people, and it's not okay to do it," said Bird.
    "I honest to god believe that he almost really died that day, and I just want kids to know that, yeah, it's legal and they say that it's okay to smoke, but it's not," said Bochenek.


  1. Alfa
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  2. Basoodler
    Dude drive down to Ohio they are in full blown operation ohio-tyrp. They seem to be putting business owners in jail and on local news before the product is tested. Just this week 3 in the Dayton area alone. They are calling them "synthetic drug operations" even though they are just gas stations or stores.

    I'm surprised that until now you could just drive from Toledo to Detroit and buy synths. They are bad news right now.
  3. JJ1234
    Sorry Alfa. Wasn't thinking to straight at the time. I have a weekend packed full so I'll get to it first thing next week. Promise!
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