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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    MICKEY Mouse would not be amused at having his world-famous ears dragged into the underworld, with Tweed drug dealer Todd Serone ordered to appear before Lismore District Court in November to be sentenced over ecstasy and MDMA drug offences.

    The drug charges include the finding of 32 blue-coloured pills stamped with a Mickey Mouse motif, and five white pills with a Mitsubishi motif.

    Serone, 39, of Tweed Heads, pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court last week to supplying 118 grams of the prohibited drug MDMA between May 6 and August 6 last year; and supplying 30 grams of methylamphetamine.

    He also pleaded guilty to having 69.4 grams of cannabis and 8.78 grams of MDMA at Tweed Heads West on August 6, 2009; and firearm offences including possession of a shortened firearm – a Bentley single-barrel shotgun without a permit.

    Serone’s arrest was the result of a police Tactical Action Group operation in 2009 named Erebus that was set up to investigate his activities and involvement in the street level supply of illegal drugs.

    Police facts stated that when police officers raided his home on August 6 last year the sawn-off shotgun was found beneath his bed inside a pillowcase along with seven shot gun cartridges.

    The MDMA, ecstasy pills and speed were found in a safe.

    Serone was ordered by the magistrate to appear before Lismore District Court on November 22 where a sentencing date would be set.

    Ross Irby
    26th October 2010


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