Middle School Girls Made to Jump in Underwear Check for Marijuana

By Johan73 · Jul 3, 2009 · ·
  1. Johan73
    On the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court limited the use of strip searches in the public schools, two young women filed an action in Jefferson County Court against a local middle school and several of its employees for using "grossly intrusive" methods to discover an alleged cache of marijuana. They were allegedly forced to unzip their pants, "lift up their bras ... and jump up and down."

    Ashley N. Gaither and S.C., a minor, were 14 and 13, respectively, in 2005 when they say they were "arbitrarily singled out" while riding a Jefferson County Public Schools bus to Kammer Middle School in Louisville, and then subjected to a day-long interrogation and humiliating searches without being allowed to call their parents.

    According to the complaint, the incident began when the bus arrived at the school and two employees boarded it in order to resolve a dispute in which the girls were not involved. The employees "smelled what they thought was marijuana," the complaint states, and five girls seated at the back of the bus, including Gaither and S.C., were detained and searched.

    During an interrogation that lasted the entire school day, and after being denied repeated requests to call their parents, the girls were required to "remove their shoes and socks, unbuckle their belts, unbutton their pants, and unzip their pants," the complaint says. They also had their "waistlines physically touched and searched" by a male employee while their pants were undone, and were made to "lift up their bras while their shirts remained on and jump up and down."

    The searches were all performed behind closed doors and without the presence of police offices or female staff, the suit says. No marijuana was found.

    At the end of the day, the girls were allegedly barred from riding the school bus home and instead made to take public transportation.
    The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 last week that an Arizona school district went too far when it strip-searched a female student suspected of hiding prescription-strength Ibuprofen in her underwear. The high court said that such searches would only be justified if there was an "indication of danger to the students from the power of the drugs or their quantity," or if a student was suspected of hiding a weapon.

    Gaither and S.C. seek unspecified damages. They are represented by Johnny Bruce of Jones & Bruce.

    Thursday, July 02, 2009 5:43 PM PT
    By TIM HULL Courthouse News Service - LOUISVILLE (CN)

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  1. EscapeDummy
    ... another fucking perverted school administration. I hope they all get their asses fired, this is ridiculous.
  2. greenhit
    :mad:Just plain sick, thats all I have to say.
  3. Tux27
    Shit, I can't believe the girls went through all that. Almost makes me think that they were just concealing very well and wanted to jump through whatever hoops necessary to avoid police interaction, get out as soon as possible, and light up.

    And I can't understand the Ibuprofen thing, either. SWIM used to walk around campus talking prescribed Vicodin out of the original bottle and using fountain water to wash them down, no idea that some school districts were this nutty. Then again, I went to and later worked at a school district where confiscating marijuana, alcohol, and weapons happened multiple times a day. Working there I got to hear about the story of the girl who dropped and broke her pipe in class. Happened toward the end of the day, and she was only suspended for two days(the day of the incident included even though she just left school half an hour early), no police trouble, just had to be picked up by a parent.

    I would really like to know what made them think that girl was hiding Ibuprofen and why it would be a concern.
  4. Greenport
    SwiM heard that this wasn't for marijuana, it was for ibuprofen...

    Dunno maybe the news got it all mixed up, or maybe that was a separate story.
  5. Tux27
    So it's possible that there are more accounts of school officials going hunting for Ibuprofen? Wow. They could have at least lied and said they were looking for heroin 'cause there were rumors that the student(s) were selling. I mean, they're already doing something that will probably cost them their jobs, why not make it seem more serious? And Ibuprofen? That amazes me.

    For another note of school ridiculousness, a nearby school district recently fired a principal for having child porn on his work computer. Also, my school district decided to spontaneously test bus drivers for alcohol, and one had a BAC of .12 after completing his route which took four hours, so he must have had quite a bit that morning. Apparently school bus drivers can drive with .04, which doesn't make sense to me.
  6. Greenport
    Lol "but my BAC was only 0.3 when I hit that fire hydrant"

    And yeah that's all complete nonsense. Some teacher around here got fired for supposedly hitting on one of his students, but from what swiM heard the allegations were somewhat less-than-true (there were quite a lot of other cards being played there.) Fairly cool guy too, he used to always intrude on our class randomly, oftentimes bringing various chem experiments with him from the room over. He was a nut but swiM didn't see him as 'that' kind of guy.
  7. Tux27
    I'm sure you know the situation better than I do, but I've heard all kinds of rumors about teachers. One teacher even had to remove his shirt to prove he didn't have a swastika tattoo so students would leave him alone(he had many tattoos). Just wondering, how old was the student?

    SWIM knows a teacher who's told him in private that he's had sex with quite a number of his students(legal age as far as I know, so I consider it to be their business and not a problem even though it is not allowed).

    Another story since you're sharing... at first reading I thought the teacher was physically hitting a student(sorry, SWIM's in a bit of a nod and is distracting me), and that reminded me of some of the substitute stories that actually happened. One time a substitute attacked a student, and later during my stay at the school, a class full of students attacked another one, she was found in the corner crying. And these are true, an administrator told me about it before the students heard the news.
  8. Chronix
    As unjust as these searchs are i can't belive the kids that this is happening to cooperate with these administrations.
  9. Tux27
    I can only think of compliance because they really are hiding something and don't want to be legitimately searched by police or lawsuits are their parents' source of income(there was a couple here in California that went around finding establishments with inadequate accessibility for disabled people and suing them).

    But seriously, I can't understand why they go along with it, either. There's gotta be something else at play for the children to submit to this humiliation.
  10. dr. swim
    Are you kidding? There's very little that a middle school aged student can do when they have an authority figure as strong as a member of school staff telling them what to do, whether or not they actually want to do that. Kids that age are so psychologically maleable, those staff members are sick manipulative people who need to be sent to prison.
  11. Tux27
    I agree with that, but not the rest. I believe that at that age there are very few kids who would not resist, but I definitely think the majority would. When I was at that age I was completely aware and could not be manipulated like that, so maybe my opinion is biased by personal experience.

    I do however think that peer pressure is a much stronger force at that age. It's also something many adults can't overcome.
  12. Chronix
    All SWIM knows is when he was in middle school he did at times feel intimidated by the authority of the administration, however he would never have let an administrator of the school strip search him in the office without my consent or m parents knowlege. Say SWIY said "no i wont do that", what is the principal gonna do hold them down and forcebly remove their clothing? Eventually SWIYs parents would be contacted.
  13. Sven99
    It doesn't seem at all unlikely to me that teenagers being ordered by school staff would do as they are told. That may not be SWIyou thinks they would react were they in that situation, but it doesn't strike me as at all odd that they capitulated.
  14. Tux27
    Even though I disagree, I must point out the geographical difference.

    I am a teenager, and back in school(not long ago) students would refuse to give up their cell phone(communication devices were not allowed at school) if they were caught with one. I've seen students verbally attack administrators and even make death threats to staff. Now I'm not saying that the girls were this type of student, but that is the mentality of the majority of the students I was with.

    Now, I live in the bay area in California, in a city that at one time had the highest per capita homicide rate in the whole US. Almost every student has some sort of gang affiliation and will not only disobey authority but directly attack them.

    The point is that living in such an area may make my opinion biased, and Kentucky students may have an entirely different mentality.
  15. Sven99
    I'm not saying that such behaviour is what I would expect from all students, or even that i think it is the norm - just that I think that the level of deference to authority is sufficiently likely for me to believe it. My point is not that all school children will act in the same way, but that some will act differently to others.
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