Millie Elder escapes prison sentence

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    31 March 2008
    TV3 News NZ

    Millie Elder, Paul Holmes' adopted daughter, has been sentenced to 12 months supervision for drugs charges. There was no fine or prison sentence handed down.

    Elder was in tears as Holmes begged the judge to let her off and go free without conviction.

    "It would be so gratefully received by all of us if the compassion of the court was such that her early admissions of possession of the drug can be taken into account," Holmes said. "If she could now begin the rest of her life without having to take forever these convictions."

    Elder pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine or P and drug utensils and allowing her Auckland flat to be used for drugs last year. Her lawyer Chris Comesky told the judge a drug conviction would ruin her plans to visit her biological father in Greece and hinder her career.

    "She is also interested in a career in the tour boat industry," Comeskey said. "All of that is based out of the United States and Canada." But the judge said there was no evidence that that was true.

    "There is no evidence before me of the direct consequences of convictions," said Judge Anne Kiernan. "Such as inability to travel to another country, effect on employment or inability to pursue a chosen career."

    The judge said Elder's charges were so serious that she must be convicted on all three. She then sentenced the 19-year-old to 12 months supervision, with a condition that she attend any rehabilitation programme recommended by the court.

    Both Elder and Holmes had nothing to say to media outside the court.
    Elder will continue giving voluntary talks to teens to discourage them from doing what she did.


    Paul Holmes' adopted daughter has escaped a jail sentence after appearing in the Auckland District Court on drug charges.

    19-year-old Millie Elder was today sentenced to 12 months supervision provided she continues a drug rehabilitation programme.

    Elder admitted to possessing methamphetamine and a pipe following a police raid on her flat in Auckland last August.

    Last time she appeared in court she had her sentencing adjourned to allow her time to complete rehab.

    Elder is a model, and it was revealed that she developed a $1,000 a day drug habit after starting to use drugs three years ago.

    She says she had a 'relapse' late last year but has not used P since December.
    Chris Comesky, Elder's lawyer, argued she should be discharged without conviction as her travel plans and employment could be negatively affected.

    Judge Anne Kiernan rejected the plea for no conviction, saying there was no evidence that a conviction would be out of proportion to the level of offending.

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