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Millions driving “High on drugs”

  1. jon-q
    Millions of Britons are driving cars while high on illegal drugs, a report has said.

    Some 2.8 million people have driven while under the influence of drugs, with four in 10 of these doing so within the past 12 months, a survey showed.
    But one in three drug drivers still thought they were "very safe" or "quite safe" with just one in five admitting they were a danger on the road.

    The poll of more than 2,000 people showed one in 10 drug drivers thought they would get away with it.

    One in 20 admitted breaking the speed limit while high on drugs, with the same proportion admitting being involved in accidents.

    The survey, carried out by Opinium for Direct Line car insurance, found 7% of the UK's 49.1 million adults admitted to driving having taken drugs. Of these, 41% - 1.1 million people - have done so in the past year.

    In the last 12 months, one in three drug drivers had used cannabis, one in seven had taken cocaine and one in 10 ecstasy before taking to the roads.

    Andy Goldby, director of motor underwriting at Direct Line, said: "Drug driving is as irresponsible as drink driving. The dangers of drug drivers on our roads are becoming increasingly apparent, with thousands admitting they have been involved in an accident while high or stoned.

    "The effects of drugs can often leave people feeling overly confident or extremely relaxed, both of which are known to lead to dangerous driving behaviours. We strongly support the Department for Transport's (DfT) decision to clamp down on drug driving and would welcome further investment in effective roadside drug tests to screen drivers the police suspect are under the influence of illegal or strong prescription drugs."

    Opinium Research carried out an online poll of 2,030 UK adults aged 18 or over on behalf of Direct Line on May 4-6.

    Press association release 10th June 2011



  1. Veksul
    My thoughts?

    Alcohol? DO NOT drive. Slowed reactions and dissociation strongly affect driving abilities.

    Psychedelics? DO NOT drive. Unless you are in the middle of a salt flat far away from civilization, cars are not magic carpets nor unicorns.

    Depressants (sleeping pills)?
    DO NOT drive. Falling asleep at the wheel doesn't improve concentration on the road.

    Cocaine? Honestly - if the person puts full attention to driving safely and at the speed limit - they may even be better off than sober. However, still not recommended.

    Opiates? At low doses or for regular users, I don't see too big of a problem. Not any more dangerous than being sleep deprived at least. Still, not recommended if it can be avoided.

    Cannabis? Use your own better judgment. Everyone is different, and for regular users I think it should be acceptable to drive.

  2. Plasma
    I don't think because someone has a drug in their system at the time of crashing means that this is the cause, although of course in a lot of cases it is, especially with alcohol. I believe that while it should not be done, cannabis is a lot safer to drive with than alcohol as high amounts may cause the individual to be more cautious, whereas alcohol causes the individual to become more reckless. Of course you will have your exceptions to this and I strongly advise anyone not to drive while under the influence of either.
  3. Plasma
    I couldn't edit so apologies for double posting, I just saw this article when browsing. I absolutely HATE the slant which tabloid newspapers in the UK put on issues like this. This quote is from the Daily Star

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