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By Alfa · Jun 7, 2004 · ·
  1. Alfa

    An emotional Jean Benjamin, Deputy Minister of Social Development, broke
    down and cried during a debate in the National Assembly on mapping out
    plans to help young children hooked on drugs.

    "Enough is enough," she said in Afrikaans, speaking through sobs. "Our
    children must be protected."

    Benjamin said the department needed to launch a "total onslaught" on drug
    merchants who were targeting children as young as 14, saying the latest
    drug crazes like tuk-tuk and crystal meth were impacting on the "emotional,
    spiritual, mental and moral" development of children. She said the Ke Moja
    campaign against drug abuse would be extended to all provinces by the end
    of the year.

    Benjamin said she was concerned that South Africa's legislative framework
    was not able to keep up with rapid changes taking place in the drug
    industry. - Political Staff.


  1. davidBuster23
    I'd bet a million dollars that if one were to do the legwork to find out about Ms. Benjamin's past, there'd be some shady drug-related business involved.
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