Minneapolis police bust suburban grow ops, invent term "pot palace"

By OiledMandible · Jan 11, 2008 ·
  1. OiledMandible
    This article seems to be another case of the media resorting to scare and shock tactics in an effort to gain readers. It outlines a series of pot grow-ops busted in the Twin Cities metro area in recent years, emphasizing their suburban location as a reason for readers to be alarmed. They even go so far as to create the term "pot palace" to describe these suburban grows. It's unfortunate that in the midst of increasingly progressive marijuana legislation in Minnesota that the news media still feels compelled to portray marijuana as a neighborhood destroying menace. The article also makes the "higher THC" claim and inflates dollar values in an effort to make marijuana seem like much more of a hard drug than it really is. Authorities quoted in the article also seem to feel that marijuana laws are too soft. This article is a little long, but it's an interesting and amusing read.

    Truly reviving the lost art of spying on ones neighbor one news article at a time.

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