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  1. Freaky
    Minor addict Tom Chaplin
    People News
    Oct 4, 2008, 4:00 GMT

    Tom Chaplin says he was "useless" at taking cocaine.
    The Keane frontman - who spent a stint in a rehabilitation clinic in 2006 to be treated for an addiction to the class A drug - insists it was a "disaster" when he was using illegal substances because it gave him no pleasure.
    He admitted: "I never did crack or smack, I wasn't willing to go that far. It wasn't like I was a huge addict really, I was always sorry. And I'm too excited by the other things I can do in life, like golf and cricket and walking in the countryside, as opposed to getting really high. It actually didn't give me any pleasure.
    "I was useless at taking coke. It did really change my personality a lot. I probably did it no more than a recreational user, but when I did, it was just a disaster. And the drinking was just trying to get rid of the anxiety of the coke. I was a k**b. I was just boring."
    Despite his substance troubles, Tom admits he still enjoys the occasional alcoholic drink.
    He added in an interview with Q magazine: "I still enjoy the odd drink without going off the rails. The best word I have now is priorities. I think, 'What's my priority in this situation?' If it's getting up the next day to do something important musically or whatever, I'm fit and prepared."


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