Mint or Drug: Is Hershey's Cracked?

  1. Perception Addict
    Article from Philly about Hershey's Chocolates. Made me chuckle.

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  1. FuBai
    They always go to the idiots for extreme views to try and create a feeling of controversy. All they have done is highlight the illicit applications of this new sweet, but it is unlikely that it will be recalled. You might as well recall sugar or powdered milk.
  2. Metomni
    SWIM does not see why the appearance of a snack resembling something else is a problem at all, regardless of what it resembles.

    Nice article.
  3. Senor Gribson
    you'll never believe what i saw in the store the other day, oregano! and it was in a ziploc-type bag too! clearly this company was using the resemblance to marijuana as a marketing gimmick!
    and guess what i saw in the pharm department, pills! shelves of them, each with an uncanny resemblance to various illegal drugs!
    the nerve of these companies, glorifying drugs! what is this world coming to?

    oh i forgot to mention; some of those ramen noodle packets look remarkably like heroin, ban them too!
  4. p.p.a.420
    this is hilarious.
  5. El Calico Loco
    OMG, what if the childrenz start selling these things as crack and then get beat up by crackheads?? What if a cop thinks it's crack and tasers a kid??? OH NOES!!

    What if, what if. What if people get hit by cars and die? We'd better lower the speed limit to 10mph. If it saves even one life, it's worth it.

    (Bunch of neurotic fucking control freaks in this world, I swear...)
  6. AntiAimer
    Some people think too much, that's for sure.

    Maybe there drug users because when Smurf saw it, it never ringed a "That looks like...". Smurf calls Shenanigans.
  7. 23smooches
    Hahaha, Im a journalism major, this paper must be written by highschool kids. You should never put your yourself opinion(I, Me) in an article, and you should always remain completely neutral to the subject no matter what it may be. My jaw dropped, too, when I saw the Pacs. And everyone I showed them to thought they were street drugs. Clearly the company needs to take this product off the shelves. This article is full of huge journalism no nos and mistakes. This paper should have fired them, and their editors should have caught these things... THis is what happens when teachers let students slide with a C.
  8. purplehaze
    Fuckem, grow up and be an adult, its candy, this is stupid.

    "Officer Tracy Brooks, Missouri's colleague in the EAP, brought some home to show his wife, Judge Dumas Brooks."

    Glad to see there buying them, the money spends the same for whatever reason you buy them. It's candy, you can make anything out to be bad if you have the mindset these fucktards have.

    I guess she crys when she see's sugar, flour and alot of other cooking products.

    I guess Japanese maples should be outlawed too by this standard.

    This is a disgrace, just do your fucking job and stop being a dick about life and making everything about drug's. You really think the candy manufactors were thinking about crack when they came up with his idea? Complete morons.

    Sorry if my opinion is to strong, not all narcotics agents are dicks but obviously the ones involved in this report were working at mcdonalds prior to being in the "FUCKING FORCE BABY"

  9. crackcityrocker
    why would a dealer do that? there are plenty of things they can cut drugs with that would be alot less obvious than some kind of mint.

    unless kids were to break them open and start snorting mints off their desks, i dont see why a teacher would be alarmed if she saw one of these. if a teacher confiscated it, for some reason i think it would be easy enough to prove it isnt a drug.

    ...i think that would probably the fault of whoever left a bag of drugs laying around for a kid to find. not hersheys.

    how could this possibly give someone a legal out if they were caught dealing drugs? once confiscated, i would imagine the contents of the baggie would be tested to find out what it is, therefore the person would not be able to say "but it was just mints!" and get out scott free. the same reason someone couldnt say "but it was just sugar!" and get out of a charge.
  10. 0utrider
    Hershey Pulls Mints That Look Like Illegal Drugs,2933,325235,00.html

  11. Sitbcknchill
    Figured I would go ahead and add a picture.

    But you might want to get them while you can because they have infact stopped production of them because of this.

    View attachment 3951
  12. El Calico Loco
    Once again, the fearful savage holds back progress by beating his chest in rage.

    (Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.)
  13. Paracelsus
    I'll try to acquire these to keep for historical interest. Since production is being ceased but nothing is being recalled, chances are that these will be out on the market for some more time.
  14. cra$h
    such a contraversy, while the energy drink CALLED COCAINE stayed on the market for a while..... i could see why people dont like the concept of "crack" mints, but if you dont want your kids exposed to that, you keep them from buying it. if a kid wants to brag about fake crack, let him.
  15. fnord
    Screw that,just outlaw cars. Problem solved.
  16. Metomni
    SWIM recently picked these up after seeing this thread on here thinking it would be good to keep the cool looking packages. He thinks it's worth noting that these are possibly the best mints he has ever had and they're recalling them for the packaging?!?! UGH!!!

    They don't even really look bad, they're just a plastic casing that slides open instead of pops off. The packaging the mint flavor is in is brilliant, it's also what is under speculation, but it allows for the flavor to be instant and intense.

    It's a pity they're being removed from public sales.
  17. x cynic x
    And to think that a dealer would honestly go through the time to seal their products perfectly on all sides. Where is the controversy coming from?
  18. Paracelsus
    From a police department whose people are trained to spot drugs in anything they see.

    I wasn't able to find any of these in stores, by the way.
  19. Metomni
    Para - I found mine at the check out line in a Wal-Mart, so you might want to look there. I haven't seen them anywhere else, but I have seen them at several different Wal-Mart's. They're like 2 bucks, so rather pricey for what you're getting, but pretty spiffy.
  20. ryanhall43
    Perhaps the author of the article was going for a similar style of journalism to Gonzo journalism. You know, where you insert yourself and your opinions into the writing. It is a popular way to write these days.

    Hersheys should not be packaging something that resembles a drug. If it's still on store shelves the price will go up fairly quickly as people start using it as filler similar to Vitamin B12 going up in the 80's when it was a cut for cocaine. It also puts the wrong image into children's heads. When they see this candy and then drugs on the street they will not be able to differentiate between the two. Dealers already have enough products on the market to pass off as other drugs (I saw sugar somewhere on this board earlier and yes it can be passed off as cocaine to someone who has never tried it) and they really don't need the help of Hersheys to make their job even easier. simulating a product that looks like a drug that children buy (similar to the bubble gum cigars that are currently on the market which make smoking fun) will only make the problem worse.
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