Miracle Berry Satisfies Sweet Tooth Without Sugar

By PsychoActivist · Dec 28, 2008 · ·
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    July 15th, 2008

    Food connoisseurs in the United States are raving about an African fruit that promises to make many foods taste sweet without using sugar. The berry, formally "synsepalum dulcificum" but commonly known as miracle fruit, is also drawing attention from researchers eager to find ways to stimulate appetite. VOA's Brian Wagner has this report.

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  1. runitsthepolice
    Swim's parents have one of these plants. It really works, try eating a lemon. Best lemonade swiy has ever had.
  2. phillupblunts
    YO, I've been tring to flavor trip for a while now can you tell me more about the fruit plant, like how long dose it take for it to fruit and things of that nature. i have read up online but you have really try it and have a plant! thats coolcbecause mostly people usally have weak looking tablet!
    please post back if you have the time thanks runitthepolice
  3. Benga
  4. Lou1024
    Swim tried the tablets from an online vendor and was disapointed. The effect was mild at best. Perhaps the actual fruit works much better, too bad its so hard to come by.
  5. runitsthepolice
    Try the fruit it really works. Swiy sucks on the fruit and breaks it in swiy's mouth the seed should feel slimy. Keep it in your mouth for like 5 minutes and whallah! Swim has a plant so he takes a fruit before he eats his grapefruit every morning. Delicious.
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