1. chillinwill
    A body believed to be that of a teenager who went missing after taking mephedrone has been pulled from a lake in Co Fermanagh.

    Daniel Mohan, 16, from Enniskillen, had not been seen since failing to turn up at a friend's house almost a week ago.

    His distraught mother, Tracy McMulkin, said his demeanour had darkened recently after he started taking mephedrone.

    The drug was banned earlier this month after being blamed for a number of young people's deaths.

    Police said a body was recovered from Lough Erne in Enniskillen at around 3.15pm.

    The discovery followed an intensive search of the waters around the town.

    Before the find, Ms McMulkin said her son, who had been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, had changed since taking the drug.

    "I knew something had happened to him because it wasn't Danny - he was changing, his personality was changing, he was becoming grumpy and you couldn`t talk to him."

    "I would just plead with any child - please do not take drugs, please," she told the BBC.

    "You're destroying yourself and you're destroying your home."

    April 30, 2010
    Belfast Telegraph


  1. Rin_Weh
    Poor mother, poor boy.
    Poor kids.
    Poor world.
    That's sad.
  2. rizla1
    this happened not for from me.
    i confirmed tat the enniskilleen headshop was selling to underage as well, witch is pathetic . it was probably not were he was getting them but still i cant believe they ould go as low as that.
  3. Babychic01
    This happened in SWIM's neighbouring county! Very sad for the young man and of course for the family and my thoughts and best wishes go out to them!

    On a side note from this it will be interesting if there is any follow up in the press if the death of this young man is solely attributed to his use of mephedrone? Is that local head shop still open ... just the headshop in SWIM's local town was firebombed a few weeks ago and is no longer operating? Now the chemical is illegal SWIM wonders will there be a shift in how the press covers such stories now??
  4. rizla1
    yeah the headshop is still open , this kid wouldn't of been buying it there [dealers] not to many would buy the stupidly over priced mephedrone out of the shop.
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