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Missing Teenager Found In Coma after using spice

By Basoodler, Sep 18, 2013 | | |
  1. Basoodler

    A Colorado Springs teenager who has been missing for days is fighting for his life right now after his family says he used the dangerous drug, Spice.

    Joshua Walker, 19, lives with his grandparents. Even though they've found him, the heartache is far from over. They say doctors told them they are pumping synthetic marijuana from his body.

    Joshua left his grandparents' home last Thursday and never returned.

    “We started getting real worried,” grandfather Kendall Walker said.

    “It was scary, I thought he might be dead,” Verda Donally recalled.

    As the days passed, their concern grew. Kendall called police. The family also posted pictures of him all around town. Then they made a startling discovery.

    “My son went downtown putting up fliers and somebody saw him...said there's a flyer like that and a picture of him in the soup kitchen.” Kendall said.

    According to Kendall, Memorial Hospital made a John Doe poster with Joshua's image on it and hung it in the soup kitchen. The Walker family rushed over to the hospital, but their hearts sank when they learned their grandson was in a coma. Doctors told them he had taken Spice.

    Kendall doesn't want any other family to go through this.

    “Talk to your kids about Spice. That it will kill them."

    The grandparents tell 11 News the doctors may be able to remove Joshua's breathing tube on Wednesday.

    In the last month in Colorado more than 150 people are believed to have been sickened by synthetic marijuana and three people may have died from it. Also known by names like "Blaze" and "Black Mamba," officials say what makes Spice so dangerous are the chemicals sprayed on the plants that make up the herbal mixture. The chemicals can cause deadly side effects.



  1. Potter
    did the spice cause the coma, or was he disoriented and hit his head on something?

    How are doctors "pumping synthetic marijhuana from his body"?
  2. Basoodler
    Potter, I think the "pumping out" is the product of a creative reporter

    Yeh these new cases of bad synthetic "cannabinoid blends" in colorado have reported coma several times.. its not clear how or under what conditions these people are falling into comas.
  3. ianzombie
    Why do people still smoke this shit?
    It makes no sense to me at all.

    If you want to smoke something legal because of work/probation etc then buy the research chemical.
    If you can buy it legally as a blend in a shop then im sure you can buy the chemical over the internet.
    Its not safe, but it is far less dangerous than these blends.

    We will look back at these smoking blends and mystery powders one day and think to ourselves that it was probably one of the most dangerous times for the average drug user ever. I would hate to see a list of all the deaths globally attributed to these products.
  4. tidruid
    I am not surprised at all to read another one of these reports. Who really knows what kind of chemicals are inside these "blends." The new bans on these chemicals only forces the development of newer dangerous ones to bypass the laws. The cycle is just going to continue and stories like this are also going to continue and grow in greater numbers.
  5. Basoodler
    I don't get what people are thinking. I mean there a person is deciding what to get high on.. /she/he knows that these blends are putting people in not only the hospital, but in comas.

    .Also, in this case he/she also shouldn't have too much trouble sourcing weed condidering its fucking legal.. its also common knowledge that weed isn't putting people in comas.

    Then decide to smoke spice.. wtf..

    Which is illustrated by the fact that the number of sick doubling , AFTER the issue is in the national media
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