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Missing Washington state teen was raped, drowned and dismembered by meth gang

  1. Rob Cypher
    The Washington teen whose body was found mutilated at the bottom of a ravine had been raped and then drowned, prosecutors said.

    The decomposed and dismembered body of 19-year-old Jesus Isidor-Mendoza was discovered in a duffel bag in February, more than three months after his family reported him missing.

    Tacoma detectives believe the homicide is related to the meth trade.

    Three suspects, Wallace Jackson, 48, Darrel Daves, 49, and Crystal Jackson, 30, were arrested in connection with Isidor-Mendoza's death. All face murder charges in Pierce County.

    “This gruesome murder is a reminder of how violence the methamphetamine business can be,” Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a statement.

    It’s believed Isidor-Mendoza met up with Wallace Jackson and Daves at Jackson’s garage the night of his death, on Oct. 22. The two men then raped the teen, drowned him in a bucket of water and chopped up his body, Crystal Jackson allegedly told authorities.

    The duo wrapped the teen’s body in plastic, but after two days the garage began to smell.

    Wallace and Crystal Jackson, who are not related, allegedly threw the bag containing Isidor-Mendoza’s body down the steep ravine before its discovery on Feb. 8.

    The teen’s family suspected something was wrong when Isidor-Mendoza failed to show up for classes at Pierce College, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

    A neighbor reportedly overheard Wallace Jackson speaking of a body in the ravine, went out to investigate and discovered his corpse before calling authorities.

    Nicole Hensley
    New York Daily News
    Feburary 20, 2015



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