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  1. adzket
    this information comes from the mixmag (leading music, dance ,club-culture magazine uk) big drugs survey which is used by clubbers, police and policy makers the world over. this survey is done every year and filled in by its readers. (so is by no meens 100% coclusive but results and storys are intersting).

    i am posting these details hear as they dont fit in a spersific forum like the rest of the results i have posted. but relate to diffirent aspects of drug use within the uk.

    the drugs, the money, the adventures, the comedowns - this years average caner dissected.

    *top ten drugs
    1. ecstasy 84%
    2. cocaine 83%
    3. cannabis 79%
    4. poppers 61%
    5. amphetamine (speed) 46%
    6. mushrooms 40%
    7. amphetamine (base) 37%
    8. ketamine 36%
    9. viagra 24%
    10. benzodiazepines 21%

    the rest of your favourite drugs
    lsd 19%
    salvia divinorum 12%
    ghb 11%
    crack 6%
    methamphetamine 6%
    pma 3%
    steroids 2%
    ritalin 1%
    blue mystic 1%
    heroin 1%
    methadone 1%
    2c-b 0.5%
    2c-i 0.4%

    average of 25yrs old 63% male and 37%girles 1% transgender
    you go clubbing three days a month and been doing it for 7 years now 5% are gay 7% bi

    music, house 40% trance 18% hard house 15.9% 8% drum and bass

    *you were.....
    16 when smoked first spliff
    19 when first tried speed
    19 when took first pill
    21 when had first shroom or line of coke

    despite highly-publicised ecstasy deaths, you still haven't learned the lessons of safer e taking. check out how much booze you drink on pills*
    1-3 drinks 37%
    4-6 drinks 34%
    7-9 drinks 18%
    10 drinks 11%

    14% are unemployed, 85% have jobs 41% are students (32% of you have a-levels, 24% have degrees,9% have diplomas and 88% have city and guilds.

    *what you earn in a year......
    £40,000+ 4.3%
    £30,000- £30,999 6.6%
    £25,000- £29,999 7.9%
    £20,000-24,999 12.2%
    £15,000- 19,999 18.5%
    £10,000- 14,999 21.4%
    less than £9,999 29.3%

    *driving on drugs
    4% charged with drink driving

    *drugs you have taken with in four hours of getting into a car to drive?
    alcohol 58%
    cannabis 56%
    ecstasy 48%
    lsd/shroom 12%
    sleeping pills 3%

    78% of you had sex without a condom
    on average had sex with 4-5 people this year
    22% have done the dirty on partner in last year.
    18.9% of you have had an sti
    11%have had chlamidia and 40%of you have had a check up in an std clinic.

    sneking drugs into a club is always a worry for you 22% of you have necked your drugs to avoid a search on the door.

    *what are drugs doing to your mind?
    58% of you know someone who became depressed because of drugs. 20% of you have been to see a doctor because of a mental health problem and 41% of you think this is caused by drugs. 11% of you have been referred by your doctor to a psychiatrist.

    *how you buy your drugs
    82% close friend
    15% relative
    48% random club dealer
    82% regular local dealer
    52% differntpeople

    how many of you have sold drugs to make a living 15%
    how many have sold drugs to sort your mates out 70%
    how many of you have bought drugs for a friend to save them the trouble of buying 84%
    if yes how many pills did you buy?
    1-10 17%
    11-20 26%
    51-100 20%
    over 100 6%

    *26% have smuggled drugs through an airport.

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  1. Alfa
    Interesting. This may indicate that the 82% who buys their drugs from the local drug dealer, also regards this local dealer as a friend.
  2. garbled
    Does MixMag have a website where one could read more about the magazine or possibly request suscription information?
  3. Alfa
  4. garbled
    Thanks much!
  5. sadskills1987
    in swim's experience, alcohol kills some of e's effects, swim doesn't see how anyone would want to drink with it
  6. adzket
    swim no's many people who just like to get messy and do e and drink and mix everything together which is very dangers.
  7. klaatu
    I'm never quite sure of the purpose of surveys like these. I guess everyone compares their own experience to the results.

    When I do that I find that for some question's results I am very typical, for other very atypical. So what?

  8. StigmataLectron
    SWIM was having the same thoughts on the typical/atypical thing, but I just find it kind of interesting to compare my results.
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