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  1. hpierce301
    <H1 =line>Large Marijuana Farm Found In Duplin County </H1>

    <DIV =posted>POSTED: 11:48 am EDT September 19, 2005</DIV>
    <DIV =updated>UPDATED: 6:10 pm EDT September 19, 2005</DIV>

    <DIV =Story><B =Dateline>WALLACE, N.C. -- [/B]Duplin County investigators have discovered a 10- to 15-acre marijuana farm near Wallace, valued in the millions of dollars and considered the area's biggest marijuana bust in recent memory.

    The marijuana recovered Sunday morning weighed in at more than 4,000 pounds and included plants 13 feet tall.

    "I was pretty impressed," said Duplin County Sheriff Blake Wallace. "I've never seen anything quite like it before."

    Authorities call the marijuana, valued at about $9 million, "high quality."

    Officers believe the grower lived in the woods in huts close to the plants, complete with batteries, sleeping mats and toilet paper.

    So far, police have not made any arrests.</DIV>


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