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MMJ supporters in Illinois fear planned monopoly by lobbyists

  1. Rob Cypher
    Medical marijuana supporters in Illinois are accusing two businessmen of blocking legalization as they maneuver to control the future market for the drug, reported My Fox Chicago.

    Jim Merlo — one of the two men who created the company Medponics, which claims its technology could “track, trace and tax” medical marijuana — claims he hired lobbyists to speak to the state’s General Assembly to ensure medical marijuana is grown safely.

    Local lawyer Eric Berlin, who uses marijuana for pain related to his Crohn’s disease, told a news outlet, “I understand they’re asking for essentially a monopoly over the grow,” which he said leads to higher prices and fewer choices.

    A bill sponsored by one state Democratic legislator would offer licenses to up to 59 growers, which supporters claim will deter federal agents from cracking down, as it is more difficult to target a large number of small growers than just a few major producers.

    One Republican state legislator and House leader, Tim Cross, was apparently swayed by the lobbyists, as he now wants the legislation rewritten. “If somebody got stopped by the police, and said, ‘Oh, I’m using — this is medical marijuana,’ you could actually test it and find out whether it was true medical marijuana grown here at one of the facilities, or whether it was not in fact medical marijuana,” he said.



  1. Phaeton
    Must be something special involving politics.

    Locally they do a trace mineral ratio analysis to find if it is local grown or not, and if local which of the three water supply areas it was grown in.

    Putting the base water solubles plus a tracer set in the licensed growers water supply would be positive identification with existing techology.

    This would only require the time to fingerprint the water supplies of the greenhouse applying for license.

    This type of grower identification is not part of the basic law and the details need only be finalized by the time needed to license the first grower.

    The law to cover I.D. need not delay any legislation unless deliberate. Oh, nevermind.
  2. kumar420
    This sounds like a specialized process that will require expensive equipment and trained lab techs. Sounds excessive for differing between licensed and unlicensed weed, since there is very little different between many strains
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