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    40 government-owned shops shall sell cannabis and thus remove two thirds of the cannabis market from the gangs, says discussion paper from public servants in Copenhagen.

    A concrete plan for free cannabis as an experiment is ready now in the city hall of Copenhagen. Sales outlets with governmental monopoly shall in a three year experiment sell cannabis to anyone who wishes to buy - and it must be cannabis harvested on legal hemp fields.

    The public sale shall undermine the criminal cannabis-market. The sale can either take place "in relaxed surroundings" in caffees - or in more neutral shops ala the Swedish sprit monopoly. In both models there must be staff that can give advice on the use of cannabis.

    Refers especially to the Netherlands
    The proposal comes in a minute from public servants who in the spring was asked to come up with models. The minute exorcises the concern that decriminalization will lead to more abusers.

    "The consumption isn't higher in the countries that have decriminalized cannabis for personal use" it's stated.

    It refers in particular to the Netherlands where the sale of cannabis is legal and where the consumption is lower than in Denmark.

    Turnover of 700 mio. danish kroner
    The shops in Copenhagen will have as goal to take over two thirds of the illegal trade in the capital where there is sold cannabis for more than 1 billion danish kroner a year.

    The public servants calculations encompasses that 40 cafees or shops can get a total turnover of 700 mio. DKR. The profits could be up to a half billion DKR.

    A political majority in Copenhagen consisting of the social democrats, the socailist peoples party, the Red-Green Alliance and the social-liberal party plus the liberal Lars Dueholm support decriminalization of the sale of cannabis. But the partys don't agree on the concrete design.

    SocDem: A step on the way
    The social democrats can as the largest party decide if a majority for a final cannabis model can be gathered. The party's social spokesman Thor Buch Grønlykke considers the minute from the public servants "a step on the way."

    He supports sales outlets that legally hand cannabis over the counter - but not the cafee model that was outlined by the public servants because it will create "abuser environments" he fears. For the samme reason the social democrats won't accept that one could smoke the cannabis in the cannabis monopoly's shops.

    Small quantities of cannabis at a time
    Grønlykke is more interested in neutral shops with healt professional staff: "The cannabis shall be sold from places where one can carefully filter so young and fragile people don't get access to buy"

    He emphasises that it shall only be possible to buy small quantites of cannabis at a time and the offer reservered to citizens
    in the minucipality of Copenhagen to prevent "cannabis tourism"

    M.D. is against the proposal
    Merete Nordentoft, psychiatrist and leader of a cannabis abuse treatment project for young mentally disordered is against the proposal:
    "It will unavoidably make the cannabis more available. At present you must travel to a particular place and buy it in hiding" she says.

    Just under half of all Danes between 16 and 44 years have sampled cannabis. Among the young people one in four has smoked cannabis within the last year. The amount of proper abusers is around 7000. The city council shall presumably send a final proposal to the ministry of justice before christmas because an experiment such as legal sale of cannabis requires law amendments.

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  1. ThirdEyeFloond
    Despite the government's refusal to even consider decriminalizing cannbis the city council of Copenhagen continues undaunted. A public consultation will be held in a few days (the 11th) to get the citizens of Copenhagen's view on the proposal. The written opinions delivered so far from citizens have been predominantly positive. The council has also sought advice from various experts and according to the current social mayor most of them support the proposal. I heard M.D. and drug expert Henrik Rindom on the news one night saying he supported decriminalizing and if the experiment should turn out to be a failure after the 3 years the politicians could always hand back the hash market to the OC gangs lol.
  2. NeuroChi
    I really hope this doesn't happen. Somehow I don't think it will. :cool:
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