Mom gives 8yr old pot to control hyperactivity

By Heretic.Ape. · Jun 20, 2007 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.

    Judge Calls It 'Extreme' Abuse, Sentences Mother To Nine Months Of House Arrest

    A Sarnia woman who used marijuana to control her eight-year-old daughter's hyperactivity was placed under house arrest for nine months Monday.

    The 34-year-old mother pleaded guilty in Sarnia court to marijuana trafficking because she gave the marijuana to her child.

    Outside the courtroom federal prosecutor Michael Robb said the child was given marijuana several times a week, but there was no indication how long it had been done.

    Tests showed residual evidence of marijuana in the child's system.

    The Children's Aid Society was notified of the problem after the girl told a teacher she was taking marijuana. The mother was charged in fall of 2006.

    Justice Mark Hornblower called it "extreme" abuse and said the mother did not appear to fully understand how wrong it was.

    The court heard the mother had been suffering from depression.

    Defence lawyer David Stoesser told the court the mother was responding to treatment. But Robb said the follow-up to initial treatment has been a problem.

    The woman had no prior criminal record and Hornblower said sufficient resources to help the woman could not be provided if she was in a jail setting.

    During house arrest the woman must undergo counselling and is prohibited from using drugs or alcohol, and she cannot allow anyone with drugs into her house.

    Also, she can be instructed to undergo drug testing and police can enter her home at any time to ensure she is complying with the conditions.

    Following the house arrest she will be on probation for two years, during which she must continue counselling.

    Contact with her daughter must be approved by authorities or in accordance with a family court order.

    There can be no reuniting with her daughter unless she takes the needed steps, Hornblower said.

    The woman's name has not been published to protect the child.

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  1. Orchid_Suspiria
    This is a really difficult subject,it makes one question when is it okay for someone to smoke weed?Swim would have no problem with a mother sharing weed with her child but at eight?Swim didn't start til he was 12 atleast!Okay swim really can't think of anything to say because this issue is just filled with so many issues and..
  2. hh339
    I would say that it is comparable to giving kids methylphenidate or amphetamine, if it was a serious case of hyper-activity, which I assume means ADHD/DAMP.
  3. Bajeda
    I would disagree with a course of action as such, just like I'd disagree with giving children that young poweful stimulants as medication.

    Still, this is an example of how hypocritical our society can be. We give kids powerful and addictive substances like candy and say its totally safe because its "medical", yet this woman gets demonized for giving her kid a hit.
  4. drbeer
    SWIM just thinks that it is bad to make a child take drugs (even weed, alcohol and tobacco). SWIM started to smoke when he was 14 and because of that, he isn't as tall as he is supposed to be. He doesn't really regret to have started smoking at that age, but still he would not advise anyone to give their child any drugs (unless they would be around 18) since it can affect many things when the body is growing.
  5. Trebor
    Parenbts will do anything to get their kids to eat the vegetables.
  6. snapper
    SWIM is skeptical that smoking at 14 would stunt growth. SWIM is tall and started to smoke at age 11 (tobacco and weed) and both parents are far shorter. SWIM is just one data point, but remembers reading an article debunking this theory ...
    Anyways, it is wrong to drug children as they do not know the full implications of altering their consciousness. Same argument can be made for giving mind-altering drugs to animals. This applies to ADD drugs in children as well. SWIM feels that physical side effects aside, the effects of psychoactive drugs on emotional and intellectual development are unclear and could be very damaging. SWIM does not doubt that some kids would be fine with it, but for others it could cause a huge number of problems. Teenagers are already paranoid and neurotic, and giving them something that enhances that could be very socially stunting and lead to them being introverted Drugs-Forum addicts as adults ..
    Keep in mind that prior to prohibition in the early 1900s, cannabis was a common sedative ingredient in all kinds of over the counter remedies, including sedatives for children. So was opium, morphine and heroin...
    All that said, if one had to choose between cannabis, speed or an antipsychotic to sedate a child and all worked, which would one rather give?
  7. Heretic.Ape.
    "lead them to being introverted Drugs-Forum addicts as adults"
    *gasp* :eek:
  8. Twiglet
    Hang on , We give drugs to children all the time, What are you saying? This mother gave her daughter probably the safest drug imaginable, to calm her down.(never has so much money been spent on a plant looking for something harmfull in it somewhere)(only to find many medicine's) I think that taking this 8 year old away from her mum is sick, and all the authority people involved should be shot dead.
  9. Nicaine
    SWIM agrees that taking the child away from the mother is probably a FAR more damaging act than giving the child marijuana. Of course, the consequences of prohibition are almost always more damaging than the substance being prohibited, so this is nothing unusual. Lives are routinely trampled in the mad stampede to eliminate harmless amounts of nearly harmless substances.
  10. Pinkavvy
    Marijuana is a good medical treatment for kids with ADHD. It's a shame this stupid country would prosecute a mother for using a NATURAL medication that WORKS on their children. They would rather the kid be fed all kinds of pharm company produced amphetamines instead.

    I like the woods. Nobody to tell you what your family can and can't do.
  11. zcar690
    For more than 15 years my son was prescribed every possible drug for ADHD/MPD and they did very little to help him with the issues associated with his disorders. Sometime around the age 14 he discovered Marijuana and it helped him feel much better about himself because he was able to finally get some control over his problems. I don't think anyone who has never experience what my son and family went through during these years can sit in judgement.

    Had I known then what I know now I would never have let my son be exposed to those harsh man made chemicals when there was a natural solution that was far less addictive that would have even greater results. I doubt that there is a single soul out there that would watch their child suffer needlessly regardless of what society may feel is right.

    I allowed the so called experts to fill my child with substances because I trusted that they knew what was best. I was wrong and so were they. I feel that a large part of my sons ongoing drug addiction can be contributed to the medications he was given as a child.
  12. Makeup_Junkie
    Swim is more or less reiterating what every one else has said but I feel I need to speak my peace (sorry if this post will sound redundant). So "society", "the medical field", "the justice system", or whatever you want to call it, finds it okay to give children as young as 7 (at least I think it's 7, correct me if I'm wrong) ADHD medication (aka, legal speed) but not a little bit of pot? ADHD meds are so much more addictive than marijuana.

    Also, swim loves how in the article, they mention the mother suffers from depression and this might be a reason as to why she felt it was okay to give her kid marijuana. GOD FORBID she should suffer from depression! She should be incarcerated just for that! (sarcasm).

    There are so many wrong things about this situation but we'd be here all night if swim tried discussing it all. Basically, what swim is trying to say is that pot is not bad in comparison to other things she could have given her kid. Swim has mixed feelings about the situation. In her situation, she would not give pot to her own children, but she doesn't think it should have been made as big of a deal as it was.
  13. shroooom
    I'm sorry, but giving an eight year old anything to smoke is just disgusting and unacceptable. I think she's a shit parent. I mean, SERIOUSLY?! This is not blown out of proportion. I am happy she went to jail. Sure, it might be harsh, and would be horrible for the kid to have no mum for 9 months... But at least she won't be giving her kids psychedelic drugs. A lesson very hard learned...

    I was given ADHD meds (ritalin) when I was 10. I don't remember being addicted or getting high, in fact I'd constantly forget to take them. Weed can be addictive... Very very addictive... I can't go a day without a couple of joints.
  14. Greek
    Until the time of my grandparents, around here the folk remedy to babies crying at night was poppy pod tea.
  15. is00c
    It never said the kid was smoking, we all can agree smoking isnt smart for the lungs. If parents can give their kids ritalin, they should be able to give them cannabis medication. Your opinion is your opinion and unless your a parent in similar situation you really have no idea of their desperation.
  16. TheBigBadWolf
    I remeber my gandma telling this to my mother.

    Nonetheless, I don't think that children should be drugged in any way. This might sound hypocritical when food industry does anything to get them addicted to sugar and fat (or alternatively to lemonades containing phenlyalanine sources), but, no, I do not think this is right.

    I grew up (and still live ) In one of the biggest wine-growing areas in Germany and was given little sips of wine when I was young. I have not become an alcoholic. Lucky me, 2/3 of my class members still alive are.

    I grew up having headaches (from my shortsightedness which came out later) and was given Optalidon (Sandoz) tablets containing codeine at that time, and have become an opiate addict . Unlucky me.

    I don't know if I had not become addicted had they given me aspirin instead.....

    I hope you catch my drift:
    We give all kinds of things to our kids they might become addicted from, but definitely we should not give them mind-altering substances to calm them, no pot, no codeine, no amphetamines or pseudo amphetamines.
    Who in my times was seen as a lively kid with a lot of drive today is diagnosed ADD/ADHD and "needs to be treated", just for the parents to shove the stewardship for their children away to doctors and "specialists", when the only one profitting in this scenario is pharma industry (or mum's grass dealer).

  17. staples
    This sentiment seems to be the most common one expressed in this thread so far, which kind of surprises me. It seems like a failure to correctly identify the responsible party in both situations: the mother is responsible for giving her child marijuana, yes, but the licensed (qualified) prescribing physician is responsible for overseeing the child's treatment with a psychostimulant. The fact of the matter is that the parent indeed has the ability to ultimately decide which treatment is best for their child, but the parent may certainly not simply invent a treatment! Unless, perhaps, the treatment is something like a diet change (that doesn't constitute malnutrition), or things like that (which should really still have some medical professional's oversight or advise to be done correctly).

    Furthermore, psychostimulant use in children is well-established to be a safe, effective, and well-tolerated treatment for AD(H)D, and many studies have been conducted to address the concern about the known addictive qualities of psychostimulants and what impact that has on young adults who have been treated since childhood with said psychostimulants. A review of those studies will reveal an almost 2-fold reduction of risk for substance abuse compared to control (young adults who were never treated for AD(H)D with psychostimulants). I know it's easy to think "ADHD medication is just speed, that can't be good for children", but with professional medical oversight, precisely measured dosage and highly-controlled manufacturing processes, it turns out that this thought is generally wrong.

    To say that marijuana is definitely less harmful than well-studied psychostimulant medication when used to treat AD(H)D is premature, as not enough studies have been done to establish this. That marijuana is 'natural' says nothing about its efficacy or safety--poison ivy and oleander are natural, too, after all. Granted, marijuana isn't also such a toxic plant, it's just that it should take more than "it's all-natural!" to sell somebody on a remedy, and "man-made" should not be seen in a negative light at all. Yes, the pharmaceutical companies make money off of this, how terrible! Now they'll be able to... develop cures for debilitating diseases? develop and practice cutting-edge drug design paradigms and/or precise-delivery mechanisms to make more effective and even safer treatments? Sure, the CEOs will probably drive nice cars, but that's not specific to big pharma.
    I have no personal experiences with marijuana but have researched the drug to some extent. I am also not claiming to be an expert on hyperactivity. To me, it seems that hyperactivity in children is a real issue, but I also feel that because of the controversy and potential for abuse with current accepted and prescribed treatments for ADHD that cannabis might be as equally effective and low risk. Although, because of the legal issues surrounding marijuana the mother of the girl could be seen as irresponsible for sending her daughter to school under the influence of cannabis. Within her own home I see little problem but in my opinion being under the influence of any drug with hazy legal status in such an institution as a school is risky. I see the mother's house arrest and the removal of her child unfair in a way, yet I feel that in the drug war crazy nation that you have to pick your battles.
  19. Greek
    I am not saying marijuana is less harmful, but it was a remedy, blown out of proportion to "horrific abuse" just because pot is an illegal drug. I don't think anyone would have shouted "horrific abuse" if she used something like valerian.
    I'm convinced one could go as far as giving some sleep-inducing OTC medication to their child for this purpose, and at worst get told to stop it.
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