Mom high on DXM, kills 2 year old son

By AntiAimer · Feb 11, 2008 · ·
  1. AntiAimer

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  1. Sitbcknchill
    As well she should. Although if I was the judge I would have tacked on an extra 30 years.
  2. snapper
    Sorta short sentence for that kind of crime. SWIM thinks a longer stint in a mental hospital would be appropriate....
  3. zera
    Christ, who the hell takes a 3rd plateau DXM trip if they're the only one watching a 2-year old. Swim wouldn't take DXM if he had the responsibility of waiting to let in the cable guy. There's pretty much no other drug that swim feels so "out of it" for so long, even getting black out drunk most people function in a normal but stumbling manner.
  4. x cynic x
    "which court heard contains the opiate-based hallucinogen dextromethorphan, or DXM as it is known to addicts on the street."

    Something sold legally causing a mom to murder her son? I bet researchers are looking for an alternative as we speak. Too bad nobody knows that the mom with the knife killed the child, not the drug. Irresponsibility is the cause, but this reminds Swim of the saying "Guns dont kill people, people kill people". Thus the reason drugs and guns should both be legal.
  5. Mint boi
    Exactly, Who the fuck take a [SIZE=-1]dissociative with a child in their care?
  6. El Calico Loco
    How horrible. Poor kid. :(

    I happen to know a little something about Borderline Personality Disorder. My mother is a borderline. I also had a girlfriend who, while never officially diagnosed, exhibited most of the traits. All I can say is that those with BPD don't need a drug in order to become psychotic and/or violent - just a good scare. Fear gets short-circuited into rage to avoid the pain of being afraid, and the dissociated demon comes out. DXM trips can be frightening.

    Of course, most people - including most journalists and politicians - will only think of this one murder and not of the thousands or millions who have taken DXM and never harmed a soul. They will ask, "Why didn't the state do something to prevent this?" as if it were possible to legislate tragedy from the world.

    Poor kid.


    The same kind of person who takes amphetamines while breast-feeding her baby, or spirits her four-year-old son away to a strange place filled with dangerous people where he is abused for six weeks. A crazy person.

  7. AquafinaOrbit
    The type of person who will end up getting the drug banned.
  8. Shiacmkmleer
    Cue the hysteria in 3.... 2... 1...

    Seriously DXM will be banned soon... lame
  9. Hyperspaceblastoff
    they have to find a good substitute for curing colds first
    i dont see DXM getting banned anytime soon
  10. Paracelsus
  11. zera
    That didn't stop them from replacing pseudophedrine with stuff that has absolutely zero effectiveness.
  12. cra$h
    "opiate-based hallucinogen dextromethorphan, or DXM as it is known to addicts on the street."

    oh, so now everyone who's robotripped or even taken a little more than recomended for a severe cough is an addict on the street? oh I love how easy it is to drawl conclusions.....
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