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  1. detoxin momma
    BILLIE J. COTTLE _OP_002_CP__1501083615847_10130884_ver1.0.jpg

    MADISON CO., ILL. - A Granite City, Illinois woman is facing multiple charges after her toddler was found unresponsive with signs of a narcotic overdose.

    Billie J. Cottle’s 17-month-old son was rushed to a nearby hospital Monday night. Medics on the scene notified the sheriff’s office they believed the child was suffering from a narcotic related overdose.

    Cottle, 25, was actively wanted for unlawful possession of a controlled substance out of St. Louis County at the time of the call and was taken into custody on that warrant. Authorities recovered drug paraphernalia from the scene.

    Toxicological examination revealed the child had Methamphetamine and Fentanyl in his system. The toddler has been medically cleared and will be released from the hospital sometime Wednesday.

    The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is involved in the investigation and coordinating placement of the child.

    Cottle remains in custody at the Madison County Jail with a bond set at $250,000.

    Resources are available for pregnant and postpartum woman who need addiction treatment. See below for more information.

    Queen of Peace Center
    Bridgeway Behavioral Health/Preferred Family Healthcare
    Perinatal Behavioral Health Service at Washington University School of Medicine
    Women and Infant Substance Help (WISH) St. Mary’s Hospital


    Original Source

    Written by: Ashley Cole, Jul 26, 2017, KSDK News


  1. bamackc
    $250,000.00 bond
    1. TheBigBadWolf
      Thats about the sum addicts are used to have in their pocket at any time.
  2. TheBigBadWolf
    clearly this woman has no business having small kids arouns her.

    Sad that there is nothing alike a driving license to be allowed to reproduce.

    Any nong may throw their miserable offspring into this world (where after my not at all humble opinion no adult with half a brain would think about having kids) as if it were nothing one is responsible to.

    And one thing more - I either take drugs or I care for my kid. In my surroundings I havent seen any family with an addict parent having kids develop "normally".
    Obviously the mentioned child had the substances in their system.

    I am not yet ready imagining how a kid must feel when the drugs work in their system and they dont know whats going on and why.

    abuse at its best.

    Those who suffered from ANY sort of abuse as kids will, as I now have, have to hold back my rage and the words I want to use towards that 'mum'.

  3. detoxin momma
    i find the smirk on her face to be as disturbing the story.
  4. TheBigBadWolf
    My monitor doesnt show me a smirk but on the left I have the impression she's simply unnerved and on the profile one she has an arrogant air to her.
    Which I find equally disturbing.
  5. JaneGault
    Hard to find the silver lining. Delighted the child survived, perhaps he will be placed in a safe, loving home.
  6. ladywolf2012
    The degree of irresponsibility of this behavior is hard to be believed. Thank god the little one is all right, and may she never touch her birth mother again.
  7. jazzyj9
    I'm sure there are loving families that would line up to adopt a healthy toddler. Hopefully CPS doesn't try to keep them together. When I was doing my pediatric rotation in nursing school I took care of a baby with subdural hematoma from shaken baby and he was blind and deaf and who knows how else he was damaged. I read in the report that he was placed back in the mothers custody after a similar incident. CPS is sorry excuse for a protective agency.
      JaneGault likes this.
    1. JaneGault
      I have a relative in CPS, what a cluster f***. The social workers are generally well meaning, but as usual bureaucracy prevails (hitting numbers, caseload is ridiculous...on and on). Common sense does not apply. Breaks my heart.
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