mom resenteced in heroin teen injection..

By psyvision2000 · Sep 5, 2005 · ·
  1. psyvision2000
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    <TD vAlign=center width="100%" background= bgColor=#e8e8f1>[​IMG]Mother to be resentenced in heroin injection case 03-09-2005 08:53</TD>
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    <TD>Detroit Free Press

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    <TD =xq>Mom must be resentenced in heroin case, court says

    September 1, 2005


    A Warren mother now serving at least 15 years in prison for shooting up a teenager with heroin must be resentenced, the Michigan Court of Appeals said Wednesday.

    The court let Lisa Marie Havens' conviction stand but said Macomb County Circuit Judge Mary Chrzanowski erred in December 2002 by not adequately explaining why she ordered Havens to serve four concurrent sentences of 15 to 40 years for delivering drugs to a minor.

    Havens, then 42, pleaded guilty to injecting the drug into a 14-year-old friend of her 15-year-old daughter.

    Appellate Judges Peter D. O'Connell and Stephen L. Borrello said Chrzanowski didn't meet the law's requirement to spell out her specific reasoning when she departed from sentencing guidelines, which called for the minimum sentence to be in the range of 19 to 38 months.

    But Judge Bill Schuette disagreed, writing that Chrzanowski adequately justified the harsher sentence.

    Robert Berlin, chief appellate lawyer for the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office, said the decision may be appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court.

    "Obviously our office agreed with the sentence," Berlin said.

    "This was a departure from the guidelines, yes, but this was a very serious and unusual case."

    Havens' attorney, Albert Markowski, could not be reached for comment. </TD></TR></T></TABLE></TD></TR></T></TABLE>

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  1. computergod
    15 years? There is no justification for that. Murders get less time then that. I'm glad I don't live in that country.
  2. psyvision2000
    fuck that bitch desrves 15 years for shooting up a 14 yr old kid..... what if the kid o.d and died? then she would bhee facing murder.... a bitch that dumb needs alot of help maybe 15 years of help!
  3. PenguinPhreak
    Of course injecting a minor is stupid, but you honestly think that is
    deserving of 15 years in a hell hole? I can only assume you have never
    spent much time in a prison. Even if she deserves it, would locking her
    up help anyone? What would be accomplished by incarcerating her?
  4. markdahman
    Maybe some Intelligence, Decency, Common sense! Come on thats basicly attempted murder like for god sakes id go wit atleast 10 years of prison!! Who knows how many times shes done this! Maybe she'd do it again! Prison is school of hard knocks and she needs that forsure in my opinion!
  5. Chaote
    Would the kid have still done it with out her? that could have made it more dangerous, she didnt force them into it right or am i missing like half the story?
  6. sunyata
    The question is wether she initiated their use, or if they were already using it and she just showed them how to do it properly. If anyone is going to shoot heroin, whatever their age, it is best for them to do it the right way.

    It's still sad, though. I wonder what the mother felt about it, reading the articleyou kind of get the impression that she encouraged their use of dope, but she could just as well have been trying to do some damage control. She might actually feel really bad about doing it, but seeing no other option. She probably knows all to well how incompetent the authorities are at dealing with such problems, calling the police on her daughter would hardly solve anything.

    This is just speculation, I'd like to know more about this.
  7. anj0vis
    I don't see the point of 15 years of prison for this unless she was forcing the kids or similar. It helps nobody.
  8. quinone
    It helps send a message, dont inject 14 year olds with drugs
  9. PenguinPhreak
    By that logic we shouldn't have any criminals. If cruel sentencing is
    an effective means of discouraging people from committing crimes why
    are there so criminals? Hell, we kill murderers and even that doesn't
    stop more murderers from following their example. Making an example out
    of someone is not an effective means of curbing crimes.
    Edited by: PenguinPhreak
  10. psyvision2000
    maybe 15 is to much,but owell shit happens
  11. icecrew
    thats CRAZZZYYY, the judge should get fired and the woman should b let sure if the grl didnt want it she woulda said something maybe
    the grl even asked for it
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