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  1. una_cavaletta
    allow me a moment of wahh it's not faaair.

    not gonna be able to make rent tomorrow and panicking about how to make the money in a day (can't do it). Already cancelled weekly donation to D-F so best blog while I can.

    I dunno, you give up booze and fags and cut waaay back on the weed, and then..well, electric has gone up cos it's darker earlier, the gas has skyrocketed because I need heat...all is looking doomful at the moment.

    just wanted to get that out.


  1. una_cavaletta
    It does not help that I've also run out of loo roll.

  2. una_cavaletta
    also UHT milk: just say no. yeah it's cheaper but it smells OFF and is gross in tea :(
  3. una_cavaletta
    HOWEVER the main reason I'm skint I do not regret for one minute; I had to take my kitty to the vet. He's fine now with meds for cystitis but I'd rather be skint with a healthy kitty. So priorities, self.
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