Monsanto's Permit to Poison Us

By Wanderer · Jul 16, 2010 ·
  1. Wanderer
    Dan Quayle couldn't spell potato, but he made sure they'd be genetically engineered. Here's how Monsanto got their permit to poison us:

    Eighteen years later, genetically engineered foods are everywhere, but nobody knows that they're eating them or what effect they're having on our health. Study after study indicating serious damage to animals fed genetically engineered food have been downplayed or ignored. Links to human hazards, such as the genetically engineered L-tryptophan disaster of 1989, which killed scores of Americans and permanently injured thousands more, or experiments in 1999 in the UK by renowned scientist Arpad Pusztai, have been literally suppressed.

    It's only now that we're beginning to learn what government regulators should have told us all along. Recently, independent scientists reviewed animal feeding studies conducted by Monsanto in 2000 and 2001. They found that Monsanto's own data revealed the dangers of three of their commonly used genetically engineered corn varieties. One scientist explained:

    "For the first time in the world, we have proven that genetically engineered foods are neither sufficiently healthy or proper to be commercialized. Each time, for all three genetically modified organisms, the kidneys and liver which are the main organs that react to a chemical food poisoning, had problems."

    Given this evidence, it is unconscionable to continue to promote the fallacy that genetically engineered food is the same as normal food. It's different. Consumers have a right to know what they're eating.

    The Organic Consumers Association supports Congressman Kucinich's Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act, but an act of Congress isn't necessary to label genetically engineered foods.

    The Truth in Labeling Coalition is asking the Food and Drug Administration to fix what Dan Quayle got wrong. TLC has submitted a Citizen Petition making the case that the FDA can reverse the Monsanto Mandate forced on us by Bush-Quayle, and put an end to the idea that genetically engineered foods and crops are trustworthy and don't need to be labeled, as they are in the European Union.

    We have a chance now to make the change. The Food & Drug Administration needs to admit that, in the Bush-Quayle era of deregulation, they took the wrong approach to genetically engineered foods. On the campaign trail, President Obama professed support for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. Now is the time for him to fulfill his promise to support consumers' right to know.

    Ronnie Cummins
    Founder and Director, Organic Consumers Association
    Posted: July 16, 2010 04:28 PM

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