By Alfa · Feb 22, 2005 ·
  1. Alfa

    In the past, defeated Conservative Party of Canada candidate Keith Montgomery has told the Examiner about his brief history as a union organizer and his views on same-sex marriage.

    This week his opinion about drug education is in the spotlight.

    Some of his revelations concerning drugs are startling.

    "I heard about there's a crack house in Huntsville," said Montgomery.

    "And it just blew me away when this guy was telling me about it. It happens to be one of my fellow directors in the Conservatives.

    "The office he worked in, they had their computer stolen over Christmastime and they figure it's linked to drug use," he continued.

    "I don't know that much about crack, 'cause that wasn't around when I was growing up. There was cocaine, but it was just grass and LSD and stuff like that when I was growing up.

    "But with this crack, it's so addictive and like, after about a couple of hours, they need to get up again. And if they're talking about using, you know, 20, 30, 40 bucks at a time, and they do this two or three times a day, where does a young person get that kind of money if they're not stealing it?"

    Montgomery appeared thankful that some drug educators are being more up front with today's youth.

    "The big difference between the drug education I got as a youth and what they are doing now is they are finally telling more of the truth," said Montgomery. "That you do get these incredible highs.

    Whenever they talked about heroin and all those other things that they talked about, how bad, bad, bad, bad it was, as a kid you could never make the link. Well, if it's so bad and they try it for the first time and they feel so good, they lied to me. If they lied to me about this, they lied about everything. Why should I believe anything about drug education?"

    Drugs are insidious in that they can strongly grip their users quickly, he indicated.

    "It only takes a few times before they get into this drug-seeking behaviour," Montgomery said. "If they want that same nirvana. But it takes a little bit more to get there. And they don't realize how fast they can slip into it. That was never explained to us as kids."

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