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  1. chemlove

    Minn. (AP) — Fargo-Moorhead police say a bust at a Moorhead hotel over the weekend netted 16 pounds of marijuana and nearly $29,000 in cash.

    Two local men and a Washington state man were arrested. Police say one of the men admitted to bringing 25 pounds of pot to the area from Washington.

    Authorities say more arrests are possible

    SWIM always wondered does a bust like this dry up an area or does it take a much bigger one to really dry up a city (even if its not a big city). SWIM also wondered what by definition is considered a big bust, medium bust and huge bust are there standards as to whats makes a big bust?


  1. Herbology
    commercially speaking, 16 pounds is not very much.
  2. seekupdreamgirl
    This is SWIM's first post!

    SWIM knows of that MN area but does not live there. SWIM would think that the amount listed would cause some distress in the area mentioned.

    SWIM also thinks that the commercial traffic out of the TC Metro area loves a situation like this - drives $. SWIM is in favor of good USA product being allowed verses the "places" these other products come from and the associates that control the product. The controllers in TC will continue on.

    As to the bust size comment... It should be medium, big, huge...

    SWIM thought SWIM knew what a bust was before moving south! SWIM lives on a "route".
    medium 50-100kg
    big 100-250kg
    huge 1/4 ton (500lbs ~250kg+).

    peace. TU-24 is coming!!!!:vibes:
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