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More arrests at this year's Harborfest, marijuana plants seized

By N0ly, Jul 29, 2008 | Updated: Oct 13, 2008 | | |
  1. N0ly
    Oswego, New York (WSYR-TV) - Almost twice as many visitors to Oswego’s Harborfest were cited for open container violations this year, compared to last year.

    60 visitors to Harborfest were ticketed for drinking alcohol where they weren't supposed to during this year's festival, that’s compared to 27 last year.

    Oswego Police also say the number of people ticketed for underage drinking tripled in 2008, compared to 2007. 17 people were ticketed this year, 6 were ticketed last year.

    Arrests for disorderly conduct were also up sharply, 34 this year. That's almost twice the number from last year's celebration.

    Dozens of marijuana plants growing illegally in a field off Seneca Street were also seized during Harborfest. They were spotted by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter.

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  1. Panthers007
    Good job, Porky! You got the kids off pot. And got 'em all drunk instead! Genius! Hope they pin a medal on you - made out of a Budweiser cap.
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