more deaths on london club scene.

By adzket · Jun 22, 2006 · Updated Jun 22, 2006 ·
  1. adzket
    this information has been taken from london clubbing magazine.

    A man dies at the ORANGE groups latest AFTERHOURS event, GRAVITY, held on a THURSDAY morning at FIRE in Vauxhall. GHB is suspected to be involved but not confirmed. Below is a STATEMENT made by the ORANGE group, and appeal by the POLICE.

    orange takes a stand:
    zero tollarance against liquid suicide.

    Unfortunately last Friday 3rd may in Vauxhall a young man collapsed and was attended to by Gravity’s on-site fully trained medical staff. He was taken to St. Thomas’s Hospital, where he sadly died.

    All Things Orange, who run Gravity, were shocked, saddened and angry at this unnecessary death of a young man. The highly respected promoters are working closely with the police who praised the action of All Things Orange staff and guests who were fully supportive both during and after the incident.

    Craig Elder, Managing Director said “We have been operating for seven years with over 3.5 million people through our doors and this is the first ever incident of this nature. The cause of death has not been confirmed at this stage but we are using this sad incident to highlight the dangers of GHB, a very potent substance which we started campaigning against in September 2004, with mass flyering and advertising on the dangers of this drug.

    All venues operated by All Things Orange have fully qualified on site medical staff present throughout all of the club nights and more security staff, - who are also first aid trained -, present than is recommended by the respective local councils.

    The Orange group are adamant about the their stance on GHB and its ramification. “We have been successful for so long with so many top DJ’s playing at our clubs because customers know there is a great atmosphere, great music and a safe environment in which to club. GHB is the main reason that the New York club scene is in tatters right now and we want to do all we can to eliminate the same thing happening here in the UK.”

    £20,000 has been allocated by All Things Orange for an anti-GHB campaign which will be used to support the battle against GHB in conjunction with the councils and the police.

    drug cocktail linked to death of clubber.

    police were called to a house in Vauxhall on the morning of the 5th
    June after the body of a 31-year old man was discovered dead in bed
    by his brother. The man is thought to have taken a cocktail of drugs
    and police enquiries have revealed that the man had attended two different
    nightclubs in Vauxhall during the morning and afternoon of
    Sunday 4th June.

    He had allegedly consumed quantities of cocaine, ketamine, ecstacy
    and GHB over a twelve hour period before returning home and going
    to bed that evening. a post-mortem examination carried out on the
    7th June was unable to establish the cause of death. An was inquest
    opened and adjourned on the day of the post-mortem and police are
    working with the Greenwich coroner to establish the full circumstances
    of the death.

    Supt. Alistair Sutherland of Kennington Police said, “This is a
    tragic death of a young man that appears to be related to the
    taking of illegal drugs. We are determined to make Lambeth’s
    clubs and bars safe place’s for everyone to enjoy and are investigating
    who may have supplied the drugs to the deceased.”

    He continued, “Whilst Lambeth Police continue to target drug dealers
    we would urge the public to be careful and sensible when they
    are enjoying the nightlife of Lambeth and never to take risks with your
    own life.

    It is impossible to know exactly what you are taking if you
    buy it from a stranger and it is impossible to know your limits until it is
    too late and you find yourself seriously ill, sometimes with fatal consequences.
    The dangers are clearly even greater if more than one drug
    is used at any one time. Please don’t take the chance.”

    KenningtonCID are investigating the incident and ask that anyone with information about this death, or who may have knowledge about who supplied
    the drugs to him, contact police as soon as possible on 0208 649 2493, or speak to Lambeth’s LGBT Liaison Team on 0208 6492099 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

    in swims opinion this sort of thing is set to continue. with many clubs in London being awarded 24hr music and dance licences and alcohol licences. you can now if you chose go out from wed's night right threw to tue's morning.

    in Lambeth councils jurisdiction there is an area called Vauxhall there are now 5 clubs in railway arches with capacity’s of between 800 and 1100 (some times over capacitated) with a new 1200 capacity venue set to open this weekend. also Lambeth council have allowed many other clubs to open and for existing venues to extend opening hours.

    in diffirent areas within it's jurisdiction again with 24hr licences with capacity’s from 200 right up to 5000. and with bad venue management, promotion teams and security this is leading to problems like the ones above. there has also been another death recently please see this post ( Raver dies after taking ecstasy)

    don't get swim wrong they agree you should be able to go out and drink and club when you chose to but there needs to be more care and attention taken from councils not to over fill one area with such places and for owners/managers to be responsible for instance the above mentioned group all things orange run most of the after-hours clubs on London’s gay scene from thur morning to tue morning as well as thur, fri, sat nights also allowing people to stay from the night events to the after-hours party for a reduced price meaning some people could be in the same club for 16hrs as the clubs only close for cleaning and restocking.

    also with a club being open this long how do you think the staff and managers can work for such long shift's and be back at work within 6/7 hrs, (it is common knowledge in some clubs the staff are as wasted as the customers if not more so) this is wrong. it is no wonder tina and g are such a problem.

    on the straight club scene is not as bad as the after party’s are on sunday morning only occasionally mondays if it is a bank holiday, and tina remains a fringe drug on this scene as does g due to it's association with date rape.

    from swims view from working in the London club scene it needs a lot of sorting out it is going to pieces and will end up getting worse if nothing is done. we had after-hours parties before the new 24hr drinking & entitament laws, like trade on a sunday morning, which opened at 4am till 2pm and opened back in 1990 but this was the only licensed club to do this in the country.

    there where of course a few unlicenced venues too but even these where run safely. now any where can get a licence its wrong, and venue managers only have to do a two day course and then apply to police and council to get a licence and become a Licensee (who is ment to be an honest upstanding citazine with no crimanl recored ect...)

    swim feels Lambeth council should be stopping these venues opening in there area (but they get lots of money from them both officaly & bribes) as there can often be trouble when diffirent clubs shut to and you have up to 30,000 clubbers on the streets.

    also the above mentioned campaign by all things orange consists of adverts, flyers and posters in venue and on web site of the imaged attached. with strong wording saying anyone found in possession of ghb in the club (fire Vauxhall) and the events (run at other clubs) will be handed over to police and bared from the events for life.

    in swims opinion this can make it seam more attractive to people who want to feel like they are being more risky and rebellious by taking it, (with them singerling it out over other drugs if they said no drugs would be tolarated they would get no customers).many people do everything they are told not to, in such a strong way as they want to know what’s so wrong about it and will try it because of this.

    also more needs to be done to educate clubbers in the pro's, con's, risks and harm reduction of substance use/ misuse rather than just saying we have zero tolerance because it is bad and dangerous and illegal,

    information on drugs in the uk club scene (and uk full stop for that mater) is merely gained threw peoples trial and error and second hand gossip it is a sham as so many people put them self’s at risk because they don’t have the information or know where to get it. it is about time people admitted that people take drugs whilst out clubbing and partying and take steps to make people safe without actually promoting drug use or other illegal activity,
    (it makes swim sad that some clubs refuse to provide tap water to customers which could of taken drugs and are dehydrated because the clubs are over full and the air conditioning does not work properly).

    swim is doing there best to educate there staff and promoters who hire there venue. within the venue and regularly leases with police and Westminster council to improve the quality of the nights for clubbers, whilst helping the police and council with policy,

    for instance instead of calling police if people are court with drugs for personal use they are confiscated placed in a police evidence bag, and details are taken of the person before they are asked to leave. this information and drugs are handed over to police to deal with (if it’s for personal use they have little to worry about as police don’t really do much apart from destroy drugs) once a week instead of over stretching them on busy nights in London when there are more important crimes to deal with.

    also provide free tap water on demand (there about to have drinking fountains fitted so customers help them self’s). they have worked with local drug help agency’s to have staff and information in events for people to talk too or pick up and read. and constantly review the situation.

    swim is now also starting to point people to hear and erowid. swim really hopes things start to improve and venues, managers, promoters, councils and police start to take more care when thinking about the hours they are open and type of events they are going to allow.

    swim also hopes that people start to take more care of them self's too, and try to educate them self’s about the substances they are choosing to take.

    so no more family’s have to go threw the horrid experience of dealing with a family members death from drugs (which may of been avoided with some education on all sides) when they have gone out for what is meant to be some fun at the weekend away from work and stress of every day life.

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