More Dutch coffeeshops closed today.

By Alfa · Mar 20, 2008 · ·
  1. Alfa
    The two most famous coffeeshops in Haarlem; Willie Wortel Sativa and Maximillian have been closed by the police, because they had to much cannabis in stock. Every coffeeshop must have more cannabis than allowed in stock to comply with daily demand.

    The police in The Hague also closed an online coffeeshop. This online coffeeshop was discussed in parliament in the beginning of this month.

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  1. truth
    Who makes these laws? Too much cannabis. What about too much alcohol in clubs and shit that could kill 100s in a club. But in one cannabis club 10000000000 pounds. wouldnt kill one person. Yet its illegal to have too much? This world is a joke.
  2. lulz
    Haven't large quantities been borderline illegal for a while now? I remember seeing something about it on TV a while ago, a coffee shop owner was interviewed about the weird drug law surrounding coffee shops. Like the sale of weed is tolerated, but it's supposed to be illegal for them to buy it in the first place, he just laughed and said "it falls from the sky".

    It's not going to be very hard for the government to clamp down if many laws have been in place for a while, but simply not enforced strictly.

    I still have my fingers crossed that there will be some kind of popular reaction against the current government trends. When all that grade A weed runs out I'm expecting a stoner pitchfork rebellion. :laugh:
  3. Hyperspaceblastoff
    amsterdam is really going downhill
    i wana see some new politicians there sumtime and bring things back up
    its sad when california is a better place to party than amsterdam
    cali has way danker weed thats for sure
  4. Alicia
    Either that or loads of arrests its always easier to make examples of people for the public to see.

    what swia can see happening is an increase in cannabis she has seen similar things before when police clamp down on things. to compensate people will grow more and there will be more around regardless of illegality.
  5. podge
    Crazy....swim was staying in Harleem just a few days ago and is currently living down in Den did the online coffeeshop work ? Was product delivered to your home/posted/ordered for collection or how did it operate ? And for what reason(s) did they close it exactly ?
  6. Alfa
    They closed it because it is illegal to sell / distribute cannabis. One can only do that with a license. A license will not be given to a online store.
  7. Expat98
    Have these shops been driven permanently out of business, or is it more of a temporary closure with the final outcome still pending?

    I sure hate to see Holland changing like this...Is it happening nationwide, or is it focused on certain areas in Amsterdam?

    I do not follow the politics there. Can anyone post an article that analyzes the situation in Holland to determine who are the instigators behind these new policies, and what their main arguments/policy goals are, and what percentage of the Dutch citizenry supports what they're doing. Basically, we just need a detailed article explaining what's happening and why.
  8. Panthers007
    Cannabis remains technically illegal in the Netherlands. The policy has been to ignore it for many years. But it wouldn't take a major act of parliament to order enforcing pre-existing laws. Just a vocal minority screaming and yelling, and the rest of the politicians remaining silent out of fear(voted out after a lengthy campaign in the media about children growing horns and praying to Satan if they smoke the Devil's Weed).

    The Dutch zealots have learned the American recipe for instilling fear and obedience from the people all too well. I've been watching this with interest for some time now. And I haven't seen such a mess since Holland was occupied by the Nazis during World War II.
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