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By DocBrock · May 28, 2012 · ·
  1. DocBrock
    Woke up thinking about this again.
    Codeine/opiates in general was my longest addiction. Approx 30 years. I did do a rota for pharmacies.
    I learned about CWE early on for the 8/500 and 30/500 co-codamol. Been doing it as long as I can remember, so perhaps an early version of the 'Jolly Roger' cookbook helped here.
    I don't know who introduced me to codeine linctus, but that kinda spoiled my rota at times. Used to be able to buy two bottles at a time. Hit four pharmacies, weeks supply of linctus.
    Then one per transaction, but a few supermarkets had their own pharmacies now, so rota updated. Buying linctus and co-codamol and poppies whilst prescribed 240mg per day. It didn't take long to tip into daft territory.
    Discovered pholcodeine has effects on me way beyond codeine in some ways, but fewer side effects. Until I overdid it mixing it with 500mg codeine and poppy tea. Lovely high, lovely feeling. Close to H but not in the least tired.
    Following day was very bad in terms of ( accurate ) projectile vomiting. Didn't poop for a week either.
    Doing OK quitting, but then came the legal highs. Damn those cannabinoids.

    Still, I'm doing OK on the opiates side of things. Recently broke a bone splinter in my elbow. Discovered zero pleasure or analgesia from a high dose. Don't feel I fell there. Watch for your tolerance being sky high, then plummeting. I was stupid and didn't consider what would happen if my tolerance had dropped.

    I'm finding leaving the opes physically easy now. Less pain than when I was on them. Lot of memories to work through.

    Totally bollocksed my valium taper now. Seroquel and valium at night after a day of valium to control the high.
    Still, slept for four hours straight. Feel groggy, but it feels like a seroquel grog.
    In the mood for a walk today.

    Added an hour later. No I'm not in the mood for a walk. Got to later though.

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  1. ZenobiaSky
    Recovery is never easy, and isn't odd how physicians feed our addictions, much like drug dealers do.... they give you a lil taste, enough to make you want more, and before you know it your hooked.
  2. DocBrock
    Oh hell yeah,

    Then treat you like shit when you admit to addiction and want help coming off.

    I felt ridiculed and belittled. Asked if I'd come to confess and ask for more?. Told no help for codeine addiction and poppy pod tea not recognised as being addictive, nor eligible for help in detoxing. The anguish the number of hoops I'had to jump through drove me to being assessed as unfit for work.

    Not a danger to himself or others.

    Panic attacks causing blackouts and inducing grande mal seizures with subsequent physical injury?

    Paraphrase from bollocking alert;)

    ....Is hyper sensitive to the majority of 'drug' ( I unremember the word, but drug is close enough ) therapy regimes, often with the result of physical injury to himself as a result of his unusual dose profile causing either no response, the desired response, but only for a short time before tolerance builds rapidly and/or seizure threshold and previously considered safe combinations take on an extreme adverse reaction that has led to blackouts, passing out and grande mal seizure.

    The injuries sustained this year alone due to outside stress requiring, but not receiving emergency treatment due to his extreme anxiety felt in institutions and the disgraceful manner in which he was treated when he openly admitted he was, at the time, a drug addict and would prefer local anaesthesia. In order to maintain his taper, he had not exceeded his daily dose, nor had he ingested any pain relief during the day. As a result of his heightened metabolism due to the stress caused by the initial amputation and the internal separation and dislocation of a substantial part of his hand, Mr.Brock had entered withdrawal symptoms.

    Mr.Brock was open and honest with the Emergency staff at -local hospital- and holds the department there in the highest regard for the manner in which they have dealt with him, listened to him, and considered his advice regarding sedation, pain relief, what happens if withdrawal symptoms develop due to stress and how to manage them.

    In accordance with his guidance, -local hospital- have received, and continue to receive his highest praise. It was realised Mr.Brock was not 'drug seeking' when he refused the dosage offered of an analgesic which fitted his addiction in preference to a much smaller dose, a local anaesthetic, and an additional dose of his preferred anti anxiety medication. This is a reasonable request given the circumstances, and Mr.Brock remains satisfied with the co-operation shown by -local hospital- regarding the medication given before initial surgery to reconstruct his hand.

    Where Mr.Brock feels the service has let him down, and is a contributing factor to his fear and reluctance with your company is partially reflected by your company's attitude toward him previously where once he openly mentioned prior medication issues, he felt neglected, abandoned and unwelcome.

    The five hour delay he experienced after informing staff at -remote hospital- coupled with his now distressing onset of withdrawal symptoms and elevated stress, then being essentially abandoned to the night and ordered to attend an early morning appointment with no means of returning home, no means of returning to -remote hospital - and overhearing numerous staff discussing the possibility that the damage was self inflicted.

    During this time, others arrived, were treated and left. Mr.Brock also felt intimidated when his habit of talking to himself and his physical appearance and body tics were mocked.

    He feels the delay imposed is what robbed him of movement and feeling in his hand and the trauma has since prevented him from seeking required medical assistance immediately. Mr.Brock's previous dealings with your company and the manner in which it conducts itself when interviewing for the Department Of Work And Pensions is a major cause for concern for him.

    I understand he has previously requested a home assessment and has granted authorisation to me to freely provide my own assessment details to you.

    As of yet, you have not contacted this department and in spite of previous requests have now forced another assessment on him outside his home.

    Mr.Brock has requested I contact you in support of his request and to provide background information pertaining to. This I have done.

    Salutations etc, my doc.

    Paraphrase off.
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