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More than 2 tons of cannabis seized on a beach in Huelva

  1. Guttz
    In Granada, two university students were arrested when the officers who they had called out to a break-in found a marijuana plantation in their flat

    The Huelva Civil Guard have recovered more than two tons of cannabis in an operation on a beach in Isla Cristina on Sunday which took two suspects into custody.

    Officers were waiting on the beach after spotting a suspicious looking boat which was speeding towards the shore in heavy seas. The two were arrested on the beach when they began the process of transferring their cargo onto two four wheel drive vehicles which were waiting there to receive the merchandise.

    The Civil Guard recovered 71 packages of cannabis, with a total weight of 2,350 kilos.

    The suspects are named by Europa Press as A.S.M.S., from Portugal, and Z.A., whose nationality is unknown.

    In Granada meanwhile, two men have been arrested after police discovered more than 30 marijuana plants growing in the flat they rent in the city. The discovery was made after the two university students, who EFE reports are from Cádiz province, contacted emergency services to report a break-in at their home.

    The officers who responded to the call found the front door had been forced open, in addition to signs that an intruder had been on the premises. They also discovered the marijuana plantation in one of the rooms in the flat, complete with grow lights and supplies of fertiliser.

    By m.p
    Jan 10, 2011 - 4:05 PM



  1. godztear
    I never could understand why someone who is growing pot illegally in their home would call the police to it. Are they really just that naive to think that the officers will not want to take a look around the home that was just invaded?
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