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By rokman nash · Jun 26, 2009 · ·
  1. rokman nash
    Dave found this forum one very dark day in his life(approx Oct 08), He had a very bad drug problem, and like an idiot had ingested a 100mcg fentanyl patch on top of a pharmacy worth of shit Dave wont mention. Dave knew he had made a major mistake here. So he googled fentanyl abuse, and voila he found DF. After reading the mountains of information, he managed to survive this colossal fuck up, and promptly forgot about DF.

    A few months later Dave's life was sliding down hill very fast. He was spending upwards of 5000 dollars a week on poison. Dave awoke on the morning of November 26th 08. As usual with only a minimal amount of sleep. In the night he had rolled over and almost killed the puppy that his wife bought him the week before as a b'day gift(for about the 5th time). This for some reason really weighed on his mind, and throughout the day he couldn't shake the feeling that change was a coming.

    Dave was working with his son that day, and told him to take him back to the warehouse(his business). Dave drove home and sat in the dark for several hours(very high). He finally called his wife at work and told her to come home immediately. She's freaking out(has absolutely no idea what Dave has become). Dave told her everything, the drugs, the money, the lying, everything. It was the hardest day of Dave's life up to that point(and he has some horid tales).

    So Dave has family coming in for the thanksgiving holidays, and (lets call her Cheri) wants to know whats gonna happen over the next several days. Is Dave gonna be doing heroin,oxys,etc to stay well until everyone leaves? Dave tells her no, he has found a site(DF) and with some help from some members has come up with a plan.

    So Dave follows the plan through the holidays and all goes well(with the exception of the relationship Dave has left on life support).On November 29 Dave starts his CT detox. He has the support of some DF friends who know whats up and that's it. After 11 days Dave is feeling well enough to start his Descent thread. He posts in this thread for 6 months(which include a relapse).

    Throughout this ordeal Dave has found a family,that may not be blood relations, but are his family in every other respect. Dave is not sure what the initial intent of Drugs Forum was, but can say he has made lifelong friendships, that are very similar to relationships developed in the military. He may not ever meet some of these people in person, but that doesn't matter. These friendships will stand the test of time due to the shared experiences that people in very intimate situations share(Dave can almost compare it to military combat).

    Throughout all this Dave's pretty sure that he has helped others with similar problems.Dave's wife stood by him through this horrible mess of his own creation with only a minimal amount of bitching and moaning. And for that he owes her and DF everything.

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  1. ex-junkie
    swiy is very admirable in his progression, and its been such a joy to watch things get better for him. keep up the great work, swiy is a valuable asset to this forum.
  2. chillinwill
    Red Rock agrees with ex-junkie. Red Rock remembers when Dave came onto this forum and can see the tremendous progress Dave has made and is glad that this forum can help others as much as it helped him!
  3. RedBaron
    Reading this makes Baron very happy to see that genuis sites like DF can really help people beat their deepest, darkest demons and addictions........
  4. thebige
    Swim should remember to give the wife a pat on women can be hard to find......ttul ROK
  5. cyndi
    Swim found this forum the same way. Interesting. She was in a dark place too and came across the recovery section. Swiy has helped swim with her struggle. A good ending is always very encouraging.
  6. bananaskin
    As was said in the social group ;)

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