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By klaatu · Feb 21, 2008 · ·
  1. klaatu
    Wed, Feb. 20, 2008

    [ note: ignore the first part of the report, unless you like seeing how lawmakers dither in an election year for fear of "picking a side" - Klaatu ]

    House bill to stop Lawrence's domestic partner registry sent to panel for review


    The Star’s Topeka correspondent

    TOPEKA | An effort to stop Lawrence’s domestic partner registry failed Wednesday, thanks to some political maneuvering.

    Rather than vote on the bill, the Kansas House sent it back for further committee review. The move allowed lawmakers worried about election-year political fallout to avoid picking a side.

    The bill’s author, Republican Rep. Lance Kinzer of Olathe, vowed to keep pushing the measure. It’s bad precedent, he said, if the state allows cities to create a patchwork of rules for marriage-like relationships. “We do not let Olathe have one law on divorce and Garden City another,” he said.

    Last year, Lawrence became the first Kansas city to offer a registry. The idea was to recognize the relationships of unmarried gay and straight couples and help them receive any job benefits available to domestic partnerships.

    Opponents to Kinzer’s bill said that since the registry applies only to city residents and extends no new rights, the state shouldn’t meddle. “This is a local control decision,” said Rep. Tim Owens, an Overland Park Republican.

    Another opponent, Rep. Paul Davis, a Lawrence Democrat, asked that HB 2299 be sent to the Judiciary Committee for study. The House agreed, 66-50.

    More illegal drugs

    Selling, owning or using the hallucinogenic drugs salvia divinorum and jimson weed would be illegal under legislation approved 40-0 Wednesday by the Senate.

    Salvia divinorum, sold over the Internet and at some Kansas stores, became a target of lawmakers across the country after it was linked to the suicide of a Delaware high school student. It’s already illegal in Missouri. The ban wouldn’t apply to other species of salvia, a common garden plant.

    Jimson weed, the common name for datura stramonium, is a highly toxic weed related to deadly nightshade. The bill, SB 481, goes to the House.

    Meanwhile, the House passed a bill that would make a second conviction for possession of the drug Ecstasy a felony. That bill, HB 2545, now goes to the Senate.

    In other action: [ note: See how your freedoms disappear - Klaatu ]

    •If registered voters miss voting in two general elections, they are placed on an inactive list. They can also make the list by moving to a new location and failing to re-register. Either way, they won’t receive mail-in election ballots under a bill approved by the Senate 40-0.

    •Under a proposed prescription monitoring program, pharmacists would be required to enter all prescriptions they filled into a state database. Prescribers, pharmacists and law enforcement with subpoena powers could use the information to see what prescriptions people were taking. The Senate approved the bill 38-2.

    •A House committee passed a bill that would require schools to write policies to deal with cyber bullying.


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  1. radiometer

    radiometer added 2 Minutes and 9 Seconds later...

    Tom Stanton, president of the Kansas County and District Attorneys Association...couldn't provide any numbers on the drug's prevalence, but said the videos he watched were enough evidence to convince him of the law's merits.

    Great job, kids.
  2. Panthers007
    "The broad leaf is often used by landscapers as ground cover, but its concentrated extract can be chewed or smoked to feel its effects. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, salvia causes hallucinations, a perception of overlapping realities, dizziness and impaired speech. It has long been legal in the United States and used in shamanistic rituals by groups in southern Mexico."

    Oh Ho Ho Ho!! They got the wrong Salvia! Goodie! Let the raids of gardening shops and landscaping companies begin! Onward Christian Soldiers!

    Kansas is noted for having outlawed teaching evolution in schools - in favor of Christian creationism. Remember kids - the Universe is only 6,000 years old!
  3. TMM
    I just had to post that quote on a few of the more recent, more popular Salvia videos on YouTube. I didn't realise quite how many of them there are. This whole thing got out of hand a long time ago.
  4. Salvinorin A
    Yeah....that and the line about not taking any risks ticks swim off quite a bit.

    What risks? there a significant number of reported injured/addicted Salvia users? (any at all?) Christ the DEA hasn't even come out with its report yet.

    This is the reasoning of this fine citizen of Kansas.....

    Put a drug that so far has not shown any significant amount of harm under a law such that it's benefits...which are suggested...cannot be studied further.

    SWIM would at least have a mild understanding of this decision if this person was completely unaware of any possible medical benefits........but this guy got his info from a UNIVERSITY IN THE FREAKIN STATE HE'S IN!!! By making it illegal in Kansas, he's proactively shutting down further research.

    But it's not necessarily all this guy's fault. The people in Kansas don't want a hallucinogen in their state....and as far as the kids in the state go...swim doesn't want these people using Salvia anyway....they have right to their own opinion. Nobody in the state of Kansas will publicly oppose the bill w/e. As long as there are states like CA around....Sal might stay around a little longer.

    Still waiting on this DEA report though...maybe it's taking them so long because they can't build a decent case to put it in Schedule I.
  5. purplehaze
    Salvia isnt a drug in my opinion. People are going to try salvia and probably not do it for a while. How many people do you know that are going to sit around and stay fucked up all the time off from salvia.... Not any around here.

    Douche bags
  6. crunchyblack
    yeah most people I know did it once or twice and that is it.
  7. Crickets
    Whatever, it was bound to happen. Now it will just only be harder to come by.
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