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  1. redblurb
    swim did the last of their 8ball last night... mostly just trying to get rid of it, so she could sleep and the cravings would go away... and down she fell: swim to get to sleep took 12mg melatonin, 4 mg clonazapam, 50 mg amytriptyline, 15 mg zyprexa, 100 mg gravol, some other rx stuff and slept like a baby. Stpd her forgot she called 'buddy' and asked him to stop by today so she'd be stocked for the weekend. problem is the shit he's selling is cut with something that melts with heat but solidifies at room temperature and keeps clogging up the syringes, wasting a lot. What's swim to do? change of practice... iv-ing is stupid anyway...swim's hands are a mess. but like she said in yesterday's entry, bad veins and difficult iv is difficult for the professionals even cuz she was born with red hair. Strangely enough red-heads also need more anaesthesia for surgery too... and especially at the dentist. It's a scientific fact. A surgeon told swim so.


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